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  1. Imageserver 5.1.1 works perfect for us doing text and flash. No bugs at all!
  2. If anyone has questions regarding this demo, let me know! Thanks for the post!
  3. Update: Watchout computer still crashed, even with Watchout not using the input from the Datapath card... Back to square one.
  4. Hey All, I'm working on a permanent install that involves 12 channels of Watchout covering 84 seamless LCDs inside a semi trailer. The system has been working fine for a few years, but they recently wanted to do some upgrades. We kept the same core2 blade servers by Cubix, but upgraded to SSDs and upgraded the input cards from Blackmagic Intensity to Datapath VisionRGB-e1s cards, in each machine. I have one computer that keeps getting blue screen hardware errors that crash the whole computer... sometimes the computer doesn't even want to boot back up. I THINK I traced the hardware issue to the datapath card because when I tell watchout to not see the input on that display, everything seems to be running fine. I've tried drivers, because Datapath comes out with new drivers like every 2 days, but none seem to make a difference. Any Ideas? THANKS! Josh Kelley PK Pictures Cubix Core2 duos Windows 7 4gb RAM OWC 6G SSD Datapath VisionRGB-e1s Watchout 5.1
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