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  1. JFK I do get this, however I'm looking for inspiration as to how to implement it! Watchnet seems to talk to the IP cluster directly I was wondering how to talk to the display cluster protocol using a routine or something! This is beyond my current ability and I need pointing in the right direction if you have any clues as to how to achieve it. Oli
  2. Guys, I'm having to do this any one actually achieved a slider control yet?
  3. Simone I'm just wondering how you actually controlled the speed of playback
  4. So just to clarify: Firstly we need an input say DMX or Midi to be read by a program and calculate a number between 0.8 and 1.2 based upon value sampled 0-255 for DMX so =0.8+(DMX/638) would return 0.8-1.199 we then need a program to continuously write to the autostart .txt file and set the number t (x) to 0.8-1.2 or can we set an external variable to the text file? I'm sorry but my programming skills are rudimentary at best! Authenticate 1 setrate (x)
  5. Hi Guys I need some advice/help[, I'm trying to manually & smoothly adjust playback speed using an external input say DMX or MID. I can't use a time code link. The music is analog and variable speed and I need to adjust to ensure the video stays with the program. any ideas? (Need approx plus or minus 3 or so percent maybe 5%) Can't find anything but seem to recall something buried deep in the system that allows this. (there isn't a convenient speed tween!) Many thanks in advance! Oli
  6. Like many people I’m using non standard resolutions for LED structures. Has anyone got any bright ideas for confidence monitors? (A DVI DA reading the EDID on a novastar controller results in a blank screen. ) One idea is setting up a camera watching the screen in question. But I’m looking for a ‘nice’ solution if anyone has any ideas. I’m running a Quad head server direct to the Novastars DP to DVI our of W7100 cards.
  7. I ran the installer several times install, repair, remove etc. And yes the WIBU installer was being difficult and stalling. Not sure why. In essence the installer I downloaded from WIBU systems looks completely different but it worked and that’s the main thing.
  8. Interesting I had to do this on a new install Downloaded 21/03/2016 V6.2.1 so its obviously not yet fixed, (Win 10 on a Production machine) It worked a treat! not sure why the latest WIBU isn't packaged with the latest download but hey ho.
  9. Hi Chaps My turn, How about Midi input being able to be mapped to an 'Fxx' key? so pressing a midi key on a controller you can directly jump to a point of the main timeline? Two benefits: one there are only 12 'F' keys and you could theoretically have many more, and the buttons are nice and big on the midi controllers :-)) Oliver
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