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  1. Finally a reason to push in our company for an "original" Dataton Display Server? Configuring a stable 6 Output on Windows 10 is...?? thanks for the insight
  2. hi, which capture card is used for this???: Bi-directional, can be used either as output or input (2 x 12G-SDI or 8 x 3G SDI or 1 x 12G SDI and 4x 3G SDI) will this only be avaible in the Watchpax/Watchmax or can we buy this card? thanks Dimi
  3. I actually have kind of the same problem. Artnet is playing from another software but not from Watchout... when I record Artnet and also patch the recorded Channels as Inputs (just to check if the recording worked) I can see that I recorded Artnet but then it's not going out to the lights. Yes I am online, yes the universes and channels are correct and yes I had problems multiple times on several occasions and I always had to work around this problem quite time consuming. ... yes I know of the counting problems of the universes. and I also had the problem while converting the whole channels to DMX (DP8000 and Enttec) or just staying in artnet. Just maybe there is something to
  4. as "founding father" of this topic I suggest the next step for it. Users suggest a feature and other users vote for it. Everybody can see the count and Dataton flags it with "under review" and "planned under future release" or "we don't give a..." (I guess somebody can come up with some more appropiate flags) So, we, the customers have better insight of future planned developments and can also better see where the community is moving as a whole! The form/management of this topic is nice but obsolete. It's myspace or... ICQ... as reference: uservoice.com Millumin uses that for example... dataton.uservoice.com sounds tempting for me:-)
  5. hi, as a longtime user of Watchout I'd like to ask someone of the moderators here in the forum Is there any plan of Dataton to implement interactive elements in any way directly or indirectly (like WATCHNET) into Watchout? 2018 is really the year where I would really start losing ground if I would not put energy into some basic stuff in an easy way like 1) Tracking with optitracks (or similar) for multi(!) purposes 2) interfacing with multitouch on large touch tables (or also with laser touch e.g.) 3) not really interactive and rather some feature request I admit but playing in the same direction. 3D stuff could get some revision. Doing just a little bit more in Watchout would be great. Some particles, some line and grid effects to WOW the "company logo" we put on some OBJ. sometimes the UV unwrapping can be very time consuming that I just leave the mapping out. I am using all kind of stuff now based on Midi and Artnet to trigger something but real interaction is not possible. I know I have generic Inputs but I'd rather like to connect some optitrack cameras directly IN Watchout and get the parameters I need - and I won't start coding. For special requests that's OK but not for the day to day events. I am just an "educated" user I would say. Pandora does it. Wings too. And I'd like to use watchout in the future too. I think it has the best interface of all the competitors. For now my workaround is to use other programms and getting a live input into Watchout. I am really open to anything but I want one solution. thank you Martin! great work you are doing. Waited some time for any other reply (or PM) but it's what I expected. I started playing around with TouchDesigner in 2012 (did some OSC Midi stuff with my iPhone 3GS and Watchout...) so I at least know some basics of the functionality of the programm. I am looking more into the direction of softwares like Millumin. Does Multi Display Out with Edge Blend and has a lot of capabilities in the pipeline (bridging to After Effects and Cinema 4D. There is even a convinient way to implement blob trackers (beta, but still), kinect, leap motion or even the arduino directly. One thing missing there is linking machines in a network array but this is coming too... Even Coolux or Wings are an option altough I never wanted to switch but yeah... thanks again Martin
  6. the weird part: I am using Luminet to look into the artnet what is happening there. Playing with the Production PC I am not seeing anything on artnet but my lamps dim nicely... Playing over the display cluster I am seeing my DMX value changes but nothing is playing in real life... I am certainly no expert but this makes absolutly no sense to me ------ Two remarks: - I changed to a cheap enttec open dmx converter and everything plays fine (WO5 and WO6 latest versions)- production mode or cluster mode. - had to record a DMX show two months ago and there I also had problems with Watchout and Artnet. I recorded it but timing and behaviour of the moving heads were off - so I had to record every strip and part extra to sync i to the show. I guess Watchout and Artnet are simply not best friends...
  7. Thank you both for your quick answers so far your suggestions did not help. To clearify. Tried it with 6.1.6 and 6.2b16 with an elation enode 8 pro Big thanks again in advance
  8. hi everyone, hope someone can help me. I have programmed a show with artnet output to some lights and when I use the production PC to play the show everthing is working. When I want to control the show from my iPhone http://app.dataton.com/remote it completly ignores the artnet output - altough the rest of the show is working (play/stop the timeline). Watchnet is unfortunatley no option because I have the production dongle only for programming. thanks everyone in advance Dimi
  9. Hi Thomas, Problem is not the live Video itself. Problem is after pressing Strg-w we can't SET the input. Altough the Input appears in the list there after setting it it reverts back to "NONE" After trying it with several PC's and capture cards from different vandors in different combinations I can tell you it is not a problem with the capture cards because in WO 6.0.2 everything works fine
  10. hi, first. thanks for quick writing! I did not add WO and Windows Version cause I am having the problem from 2008 when I started with Watchout in now the 5th or so renewel of our Display PCs with various versions of Windows. But let's get into business with the current rig: 6 core CPU, Asrock X99 Extreme 4, AMD Firepro, SSD for Win, M2 SSD for WO, Capture Cards Vision SDI2 Datapath (4 lanes), Startech DVI (1 lane), Win 8.1, WO 6.0.2 (no, I can't update to 6.1 - cause there all the live Inputs are gone - other forum post) Production PC is the same except the M2 SSD and the capture cards... - the events are indeed cyclic and it sometimes occurs when I start the Live Input(I always insert the live video into a task I start (or better said: to preload, I press stop and then play) I makes no differences if I use tweens on the live input or not ("Gain" e.g.) but it is definitly periodic - no there is no correspondence when other movies or pictures load... I am working with ProRes and HAP files and the performance overall got much better compared to H.264 - Display PCs are setup as advised in this forum - so i guess No Windows networking... - No I did not operate in cluster mode cause I really need and appreciate the production interface.
  11. Hi, I am having these problem now for years and wanted to ask the forum if someone has a workaround or solution for this: I am inputing 720p50 or 1080p50 into various capture cards in various PCs and multitiple shows and always the same. (output is on 50 Hz and Show is on 50 fps in settings. Input with no frame blending or deinterlacing of course) Inputs come direct from mixers or cams directly. Does not matter... I use and used various card from BM, to No Name to Datapath (SDI, HDMI, DVI...). It doesn't matter. Sometimes I get micro stuttering. It comes every few minutes and goes - otherwise it works smooth Do I have to live with this forever? I am asking cause we just bought two new PCs (one for production/ one for Display) with 6 core CPUs and firepro GPUs and it's still the same - so "power" can't be the problem any more... tried with/without frame blending/deinterlacing... what can I do to get a constant smooth live picture? regards Dimi
  12. I have various systems with various hardware specs (tried it from Lenovo Laptops to 6 core machines with normal SSD or M2 disks) what they have in common is Win 8.1 64 bit I have capture cards from Blackmagic, Datapath and Startech. None of them (or even one at the time in a system is working) Everything is working in 6.0.2... on these pcs I did this 1) Uninstall WATCHOUT 2) Remove both the capture card from the machine. 3) Uninstall all drivers for the capture card. 4) Restart your PC 5) Perform any pending Windows OS updates on your PC 6) Install the capture card and its latest driver 7) Install WATCHOUT 8) Open a new show and test the Capture kind regards
  13. hi, having a strange problem: I want to set my Live Inputs (ctrl-w) on a Display PC running WO6.1 but when I click on my capture card it always keeps on "Video in - None" I have Live Inputs in Windows. The problem does not seem to appear in WO 6.0.2 (I can set the video input there) but the production PC (and programmed show) are running on 6.1. thanks Dimi
  14. Hi, normally I am calibrating my Projectors manuallly and make a final tweak within Watchout for the White. Does anyone know use a software in windows to calibrate the output? Or something even better like an automatic calibration via camera? We often use L2K1500 projectors from Christie. They are the brightest for the money but 3LCD and as they get older they are getting harder to match. As there are no brighter 3LCD projectors that can use the same optics we won't change these projectors any time soon... Info for people who like to sell me on 3DLP Panasonics, Christie's and Barcos. I am eager to hear any suggestions Thanks Dimi
  15. Thank you for the links. Exactly something like the link to creative conners is what I am looking for but more in the direction of Infrared tracking (like I posted before - Optitrack) kind regards
  16. hi, I wanted to ask if someone has experience with realtime tracking solid objects on a stage (screens e.g.) What kind of software hardware bundle are there on the market? For example I found Optitrack. They sell IR cams and software to track something. Could I directly set that as an generic Input (and HOW)? Or do I need an Interface Software and if yes which and how to set it up basically. In the past I managed to get MIDI in/out and trigger things/tweens on my timeline and DMX is also no problem but how the generic Input works in Watchout eluded me. The section in the manual is also not very... large. Once I got the kinect to work with the pieces provided by Dataton (Academy) but that was a long time ago and drivers and SDK's changed and it never worked again... Also question in the direction of Dataton: is there somewhere a plan on a roadmap to bring out a proprietary tracking system like coolux does? I guess IR based cam system can't be that complicated to bring in. Could it be that harder than DMX or MIDI? but how to setup a software to output over tcp/ip correctly I haven't yet out correctly. Perhaps someone is willing to share some insights on this - something more than that I would need a "glue" to output something there and get it into watchout. Some small practical example of inputting some things "generic" to Watchout would also be of much help and appreciated a lot thanks
  17. hi, Finally I can and I will do a 3D Car Mapping (with ease) just to see where problems lie to do this. Basic "problems" with content and UV mapping are solved (thank you Dataton for the tutorial - Virtual Display as Mapping Object) Has anyone already made any experience that could be of value? specific number of projectors? or... specific angle? Cause I am doing it on luxury car and can not do a matt-foil laminating I don't know so I ask thanks in advance everyone Dimi
  18. Thanks for the answers... I know about the possibilities of Watchout 5 (1 Universe in/out, DMX recording)... my questions where concerning version 6 and I guess Partner's will soon (or already have?) a beta and so I wanted to know if anyone could clarify "the Virtual display" feature a bit. I understand the new version will be out soon... and patience is advised. Unfortunately I need to know soon whether I can do this (drive the SGM LED bulbs as mentioned below) with the new version of Watchout or if I have to look for another hardware/software (Chamsys, Jands, PC with Arkaos...) that can bring (Multi)Display Video AND "DMX mapped Video" (to use that term) under one roof. I really love the simplicity of Watchout to do complex stuff in an easy fashion compared to others on the market (Hippo, Pandora, Wings to name a few - the GUIs are terrible (overloaded) and compared to Watchout unusable or at least you need a lot more time) Virtual Display Output via Artnet over multiple Universes (to drive something like this - http://de.sgmlight.com/products/lb-100/c-23/p-149 would be really nice... Does anyone know a way to route one output in Watchout to another software that can make the conversion to Artnet? Is there something like "Syphon" on Macs for Windows? I don't want to use another hardware to convert my DVI to ARTNET (e.g. a PC with DVI capture card and Arkaos where the pixel mapper converts the signal to a few dozen universes) thanks
  19. Hello, Our Sound and Light Partners are on the verge of buying a LED bulb curtain which can be set up as real 3D curtain My question: Is the new feature in Watchout 6 - Virtual Displays - capable of pixel mapping? Will this work via Artnet right out of Watchout? Will there be a limitation of Artnet Universes? thanks for answering Dimi
  20. Hi, I do not know if it was already posted. 2 Things: When you have your warping grid in front of you a bigger windows AND the possibility to turn on the image you are seeing would be nice. When you want to add an additional Grid Point sometimes it would be fine to see where you set the new point when doing a little more than just the "normal" panorama Projection best regards Thomas Diemath
  21. Hi, two workarounds (besides changing size and/or format of the JPG) I can think of: -Play it live through a capture card using Keynote, Powerpoint or what ever you like. -or: make a video of your scaling picture in e.g. Premiere,AE,Motion, Final Cut... and then play the video from your WO timeline (perhaps you could even try writing the video from Watchout) Dimi
  22. Hi, does anyone know a quick (speaking in milliseconds) hardware converter for deinterlacing (i to p)? I always go for 720p if possible but sometimes I get an 576i or 1080i so it would be nice to have a hardware deinterlacer for that. SDI in, SDI out - i to p. Only that. No signal conversion - no up or downscaling just a simple deinterlacer with ultra low latency. All Multi Format Switcher are just too slow... thx
  23. hi, I'd like to propose smaller features for a future release. The GUI should always stay simple and that's I think one if not the main feature of Watchout. 1)Using the arrow keys for warping X an Y in the geometry setting. X for left/right (as it is now) and up/down for Y (without having to use TAB to switch between X and Y) 2)not a must but would be nice: Possibility to save the geometry and the edge blend settings 3)Tween Compositions: A possibilty to save a bunch of tweens in to one composition and the ability to apply them to the beginning of a media file and to use the same tween composition in a reversed manner for the end (simple example: tween opacity 0-100 in 1 sec and a button to apply the same from the end but reversed so it actually fades out). this would be very helpful with files of different length. And it could perfectly fit into the GUI without complicating it to much (I could live with a Tween Compostion window like task or input or output). 4) and if 3 is not a way you want to go with your software the least an Auto fade in/out button within the settings of a media file would be great or even as a global setting. best regards Thomas
  24. hi, we just bought a Datapath Vision SDI2 because we often capture 1080i50 and I wanted to avoid watchout's deinterlacer and this capture card has a hardware deinterlacing option. System is set to 50hz, Output Screen as well but I get Interlacing lines although the card is set to deinterlace my signal. I know capturing progressive will avoid this problem but this is not an option here. Is there a way for watchout 5.1 to get the live input with the hardware deinterlacing? thx Thomas
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