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  1. Hi- I was wondering if WO5 was capable of displaying live inputs greater than 1080p? Example being to use a Datapath Vision DVI-DL ( http://www.datapath.co.uk/products/video-capture-cards/visiondvi-dl ) which can capture up to 4k x 4k. Assume content would come from a pc video serving device capable of providing at least a 2k canvas. Output would then be spread across a multi-out WO5 capable computer. Thanks! -Ryan
  2. Brilliant, that was exactly it. This motherboard defaults to auto for the third slot (which I was using) which meant x1. Forced it to x4 in the bios and now it works as I had hoped. Thanks Jim!
  3. Hello- I was wondering if WO5.1 is capable of delivering two live inputs from a single computer using the Blackmagic Decklink Duo [ http://goo.gl/cWTVL ] card? Normally we run the single input version of that card and have no problem pulling up the live input for display. Recently we put in the Duo variant and when we attempted to toggle both inputs live at once both displays begin to blink in and out. If I toggle the inputs one at a time they function correctly, the problem only exists when both are on simultaneously. I've tried a few different input/output formats for the Deckli
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