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  1. I'm also running production software on Windows 10 and the only problem for me has been media drag&drop that stopped working in Wo 5.5.2. Wo 6.0.2 is running smoothly.
  2. Hi, Indeed, the problem was decoding the video. Hap v8 worked like expected. Videos encoded with HapQ v9 produced either blue (Mac) or black (Win) video of same file size, length and frame size as with HapQ v8. Re-installing v8 on top of v9 solved the problem. Unfortunately I did not have time to test if the problem was just with HapQ or did it affect Hap and HapA as well. Pertti Jääsaari Bright Finland
  3. Hi, We just noticed that the latest release of Hap codec (v9) seems not to work with Watchout. Videos encoded with v9 produce either black or blue frame. Videos encoded with version 8 work just like expected. Encoding was done in Adobe Media Encoder CC2015 ( on Mac and PC. Can anyone else confirm this? Pertti Jääsaari Bright Finland
  4. And again one more as these things pop into my mind while programming a show :-D Ability to play back the timelines backwards would be a killer feature. In this case video cues should still play forward (or optionally be ingnored) but all tweens and such should play backwards. On gigs where the presenter is controlling the show with a remote, need for this comes up almost every time.
  5. One more thing: Better task list utility for tasks would make running the aux timelines easier as most of show programming is becoming divided into lots of aux timelines instead of one massive main timeline. I would like to sort my aux timelines top down in playing order and manage their z-order separately. Perhaps a new "Aux timelines" -window should do the creation and z-organizing part, and Tasks window should be the place to set the play order and triggering. A couple of features on the task list could come handy: - adjustable fade in and out times, like in stand-by mode, for each task (would be great without need for Ctrl+D) - start button for starting the timeline as it is now, but the optional fade in/out time - advance button to continue if there is a pause in aux timeline (no fades here) - mute / unmute button using the optional fade in/out time (doesn't stop the timeline) - stop / rewind / reset button using the optional fade in/out time - a clear color scheme or indicators to show which tasks are finished (green?), which are active (yellow?) and black for those still not played (or have been reset). - editable text field for short description in each task - automatic task numbering EDIT: - a "trigger next task" -control cue in aux timeline that would trigger automatically the next task in list could be useful.
  6. Many of these have been already covered, but here's my list of most urgent needs: 1. Ability to change the in-point value by dragging the front of the cue. Perhaps dragging from the top left corner? 2. The countdown cue. (#1 would give us a quite fast and convenient way to accomplish this...) EDIT: Perhaps the new text-cue with a little bit of code doing the math and displaying the result could be possible? 3. Live editable bezier masks on output. Or even sharp cornered to begin with... 4. Ability to change color of cues on timeline and possibly different default colors for different media types (still image, video sound, composition...) 5. Duplication of compositions. 6. Stage tier management (delete) 7. Editable name for text cues. 8. Option to set ID number for aux timelines and use that as a target in control cues instead of the name. When duplicating the timeline, the copy should have a new free ID number assigned automatically. This way we could use the name for describing the content of the timeline and have the possibility to edit that without messing up programming. 9. Ability to move things on stage window with arrow keys instead of typing in numbers, and the result should be immediately seen in output without Ctrl-D. Some kind of live-edit mode to do position, scale and rotation adjustments that are visible on the outputs in real time is definately needed. Video could be freezed if that would save some processing power. 10. Ability to change the name of aux timeline directly in Task -window. 11. When opening the aux timeline properties (Ctrl-J) name should be highlighted by default, not Time Position. 12. Some quicker way to do the opacity tweens and cross dissolves. Perhaps dragging the end of a cue with a key pressed down (alt, ctrl, whatever). Overlapping the cues on a same layer could make a cross dissolve, but then some way of defining the z-order is needed... 13. Overall focus on making the editing process faster, especially on repetitive tasks. The less I have to manually select input fields and add numbers, press OK, then press Ctrl-D and then all over again until it looks right, the happier I am at the end of a long client driven night :-D 14. Some kind of sync utility between files in project folder and things in my media window. For most of my shows the folder structure is exactly the same so adding new media items should not be manual. Perhaps Ctrl-R could ask if I want to import new media as well. I have been using Watchout since the first launch and for most parts I'm very happy with the product. But it is the small and sometimes so frustrating little things that make me pull my hair out in the middle of the night. So instead of fancy new features that might be nice things to demo at a trade fair like real time 3D objects, I would like to see improvements in making the every day bread and butter show programming faster. Oh yes, and for the last part, my biggest wish: 15. Automatic conversion of video to Mpeg2 and H264. This might be a licensing thing that would increase the price but I would be happy to pay for it. For 99% of the videos (from the top of my hat) I'm using the same parameters for encoding the video all the time. I would love to be able just to drop the video in to media folder and have Watchout encode it for me automatically in background and not doing that one extra step in AME or TmpgEnc. Support for image sequences here would fit my production pipeline perfectly.
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