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  1. I had a same issue with sync problem in LED Screen, I am using six display in two display servers and sending the output to six led processors. i am getting the delay from the two server, one server using three outputs and other three. each server had a millisecond delay. So Any solution for it? I7, 32GB, SSD, Firepro7100 8GB, Watchout version 6 Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all, My client send me the files all in H265 Format. I try to find Watchout codec. but couldn't find this codec. It will work in WO6. Can any one send me the new codec file supported in Watchout6 version. Thanks in advance. Michael
  3. Hai, I have an inquiry for using watchout software with interactive projection. Can we do this through watchout? Anybody have an idea? Please share with me. Thanks in advance Michael Darling
  4. Thanks for your reply I don't have active display port adapter, i am using passive display port adapter, i am trying to get this. Thanks
  5. Hi, I have a Display card Radeon 7950 with four output card ( DVI, HDMI, 2 Display port), but i am not getting four output simultaneously when i connect the display, only getting two outputs. Technically is there any configuration for getting simultaneous outputs? I have a show in next week. Thanks in advance
  6. Using avolites controller, Need to control from watchout.
  7. hi to all, Anyone can help me? I need to know about lighting desk programming. In watchout, we have to call lighting desk presets or different channels. Thanks in advance
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