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  1. Mike, Thanks for the reply. Is MSC (MIDI Show Control) another program, part of Watchout's feature set, or a general term? Sorry...I'm something of a novice. Seefactory
  2. I develop live performance experiences that use music, live stage activity (actors), and multi-projector video. I use Ableton Live ( https://www.ableton.com ) to do the live music performance aspects. I augment the live music and stage performance with multi-projector video. I have always accomplished this (multi-projector video) with proprietary software that sets the video and imagery in motion entirely independent of the music software. I want to begin to use Watchout. I think it's a robust solution that can entirely replace my proprietary software. I am wondering if Watchout can be triggered by Ableton Live? Does anyone on the forum know about Ableton Live and how it might interface with Watchout? Thanks.
  3. Thanks very much for the response Fredrik. I'll have a look.
  4. Can these TCP/IP functions be "hard-coded" so that one doesn't have to rely on user input such as pressing a midi key? I assumed that the TCP/IP calls were only executable via realtime user input. I want to use the typical capabilities of "If, Then, Else" routines I know from programming languages. Maybe I'm not seeing something here that will allow Watchout to do what I ask for.
  5. Any Director users on the forum? I'm looking for a way to incorporate event handling in Watchout without the use of midi or external event triggers. Director users would know what I'm after. Any Watchout users out there who have experience with Lingo and Macromedia Director?
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