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  1. Digging a bit deeper now that I'm past that show…..It appears that in audacity, If I assign the files as follows: 1 - Left 2 - Right 3 - VO 4 VOG ……that when channel shifter gets them, they actually come up as 1 - left 2 - right 5 - VO 6 - VOG Once that is changed in channel shifter, all file are in the correct places.
  2. Jonas, I literally ran the file through Audacity and it didn't work. I took the same file 2 mins later, and ran it through channel shifter and it worked. Very weird, I know….
  3. As of recently my system has stopped playing multichannel audio files. I have been using the standard Pro-Tools / Audacity software to create files and then move tracks into the correct channels. I decided to mess with this tonight as I have a show loading in tomorrow. By taking my files from Audacity, and running them through the Dataton "Channel Shifter" software…it fixed my problem. Due to the way the channel shifter software works, you may have to assign your audio to various channels to allow it to save out, but then I brought it back in to channel shifter and re-assigned the audio the correct tracks….and Finally! Very weird….not sure why Watchout isn't happy with Audacity…. But at least I have mutichannel Audio back!
  4. As a follow up to the original issue, I have approached this from every direction (hardware, software, etc). When I install 5.3.1, everything works perfectly fine. If I do a full un-install of 5.3.1, reboot the computer, and then install 5.5......the system crashes. If I then uninstall 5.5, reboot the machine, and install 5.3.1 again.....everything works fine. I have done this multiple times, all with the same outcome. I still can't come to a conclusion as to why this happens. I'm fine to run 5.3.1 at this point, but will have to dig deeper in the future as I have new machines coming in. Thanks again for all of your thoughts.....
  5. I had to shelve this for a bit as I was out on the road. I am back in the shop, and still fighting this issue. I have restored my last known good state of Watchout (5.3) and then loaded 5.5. This has taken care of the driver issue. Unfortunately, I am still having problems with the system. The output computers disconnect from the network randomly. The actual message reads "Network error; Display computer: Connection Lost". I will start the system, walk away, and them come back to find the output machines have disconnected from the network, but it's random. You never know how long it will take. All 3 of the output machines I am testing behave the same way. I am open to any thoughts you may have...thanks in advance for your help on this....
  6. Thanks for your thoughts guys. In response to upgrading to 5.5, that is kind of the root of the issue. I upgraded from 5.3 (which was working fine) to 5.5. Upon starting Watchout in 5.5.......after 3 or 4 minutes, the stage computers would randomly disconnect from the network. No rhyme or reason. I then tried going back to 5.3.....which is where I got the error message. The only way I could make the system run again, was to go back to 5.0. If I tried upgrading any higher than 5.0, i get the license driver error. This is still a work in progress.....any ideas would help.
  7. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? I am trying to re-install 5.3 on my machines. The display machines seem to be operating fine, however the control computer gives me this error when I try to go online. I have installed the updated WIBU key software already...... Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. Jonas....thanks for your reply. The Blackmagic DVI extender is the piece I was using that I found to be not reliable. Maybe we got a bad run of them and it is time to take a second look.
  9. I'm looking for a good reliable way to get SDI directly out of Watchout. 1 card that has SDI as well as DVI / HDMI out also for the local monitor.. Or, has anyone had luck with a DVI over SDI converter? I was using the Blackmagic DVI to SDI converters, however they seem to break a lot so we have gotten rid of them. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.....
  10. Brilliant Mike! It never occurred to me to re-load the timeline on my iPhone when I take the production computer offline. Thanks for your help...
  11. After sifting through the forum, I did not find an answer to this question, so I am posting it. I have been able to connect to my Watchout network from my iPhone successfully. I can control the 1 display machine that I have entered the IP address of into the iPhone. However, although that machine is the display master currently, it will not run the rest of the display cluster. If I change to another machine's IP address, I can run only that 1 machine as well. I am running XP, and Watchout 5.1 currently. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated....
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