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  1. RBeddig, Thank you for input. I not thought about Video capture card. Good to know. It would be different . Thank you, Kim
  2. Hey guys, I was having discussion with friend about Watchout (32 bit program) playing videos better on Win7 32bit or on Win7 64bit. WOW ( which stands for Windows on Windows) or in easier terms - Win7 64bit emulating Win7 32bit Please see link: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa384219.aspx WOW64 enables 32-bit applications to take advantage of the 64-bit kernel which gives more kernels to 32bit programs for input/output requests from the software. Therefore, 32-bit applications can use a larger number of kernel handles and window handles. BUT Win7 64 bit WOW uses up threads o
  3. I still cut up my very large videos (4000 res ) in aftereffects, because i find , they play smoother than one large video. Thank you for your help. Kim
  4. Does using video proxy really help? Used it in the past and made a big different in version 4 where one computer would play that one and only one video for the display. I just moving into version 5 with 4 display output machines. Computer processor now process all 4 videos at the same time now. Does it make different to make video proxy? Have tried it but not seeing much difference. If I create Proxy does the video card see them as individual threads. coming from processor ? Thank you for clarifying, Kim
  5. Here is idea. make timeline like Aftereffect timline with tabs to go next timeline. reason is this, When you have many presentors all on different timelines open in GUI it is hard to dig down to find the right one. I know, doublle click in Task window to bring is up but when you have several open they start covering the stage and Media windows. So to have all alt timeline show as tab in main timeline , much clear i think. Thank you
  6. I am doing a Dome projection ...Wondering if anyone more input than what I found on the forum. The media for the side walls seems pretty straight forward. Any does or don't about creating media for the top of the dome, that seem a bit more sticky. The content is earth (wheat fields, Mountains, Sky and Water scenes) Details the dome is 50ft 5 or 6 projectors (10K) Is 4:3 or 16:9 ratio better for the top of the dome projector ? Thank you for your post. Kim
  7. I am pretty new to the WATCHOUT software . I have a show: 1 – horizontal Screen (1920 x 1080) with 2 vertical (608x1080) screens on either side (see link for diagrams) All the Media/Videos are created in the same sizes (1920 x 1080 Horizontal and 608x1080 Vertical) http://www.flickr.com/photos/75690302@N06/6945072511/ All Projectors will be projecting at 1920x1080 on every screen (and this cannot change). Here is my problem. There is a ball that flies from one screen to another. It has to stay the same size. In WATCHOUT, if I set the “Size of the Display” to 608
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