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  1. DELTA-3G-elp 20 or DELTA-HD-elp 44
  2. Hello do you have any information to use deltacast card into custom watchout server, win 10 ltsb drivers, dll, Direct GMA setup...
  3. Hello is there any updates for 6.5 because we have some bugs and we couldn't use that version with our WIN 10 LTSC OS. it is working with 6.4.1 but not on 6.5 mov file stop transferring during online status. best regards
  4. If you use more than 2 outputs, you must to use ACTIVE DisplayPort adaptors, theses adaptorS seem to not be active
  6. Artabase media server rental www.artabase.fr
  7. I'm running v6.1.4 and when i play an HAP file timeline stop automatically after few seconds
  8. I have a problem with a project show in 6.1.3 Hap Media Dropping sometimes Motherboard x99a W7100 ssd m2 Samsung 950pro pci
  9. Hello, I try to use Watchout Display Software on MacBook Pro retina with Nvidia GT750M or GT650M Bootcamp Windows 8.1 but an error message appear "Operating system error: -2147467259; unspecified error; Too complex effects" do you have any solution
  10. Hello, do you know how you will resolve this problem of compatibility with new integrated graphic processor and discrete graphic processor on laptops. because all new laptop have this setup. BR Julien
  11. Is there any limitation of duration for compositions ? Actually we made a show working perfectly offline on the producer with one composition but when we go online it is not working at all? The duration of this composition is 23:59:59.999
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