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  1. My watchout program and display pc stopped seeing each other... I can go 'online'...but then a minute later, I get the red X on the stage indicating that the connection is lost. The display comupter never stops showing the Watchout logo...which it normally does as soon as I go online. I can ping from each box and see the other box... So outside of watchout, I can connect to the other pc, but not inside watchout for some reason. Setup... Running watchout 5.1 on two Windows 7 boxes (one display, 1 program). Program box is getting its IP dynamically, display box has a static IP of There are no other computers on the network, it is a closed network...and there is no internet connection on the network. The hub is a cisco/linksys e4200. Anyone else have a similar problem...and a solution? UPDATE: It looks like my "Session" has become corrupt somehow... If I start a new stage "session", I am able to go online no problem, and display content, and update no problem. So it isn't a networking issue even though that was the error message I was getting. Anyone run into this situation and have a solution for what seems to be a corupt file of some sort?
  2. Found an answer. Page 150 of the manual...mostly On the Production computer: Select the stage window. Select a display in the stage window. Go to 'Edit', 'Specifications'. Pop up window with 'General Tab' opens up Enter IP address of display computer and enter the output of the port on the display computer you want to use ...repeat this process for asigning other displays Here is where I was confused before... I followed all of the steps listed above, expect, I had the program computer 'online' instead of offline. When I did these steps... Select a display in the stage window. Go to 'Edit', 'Specifications'. ...there was no 'General' tab displayed... In the stage menu 'online' has to be off to do the addressing.
  3. I have a freshly built display computer from our friends over at Sage, that I have 3 1280x720 projectors connect to via display ports. I have another box (control/trigger box) that I have built a presentation on. Both computers are win 7. Both computers have usb key. Both boxes on network...and can ping/see each other. Watchout 5. I would like to use the control/trigger box to trigger the tasks/timeline to push to display box and projectors. I have not seen documentation on how to get the two boxes to talk ov IP. What do I need to do in Watchout to get the computers connected in this way? Thank you.
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