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  1. Thanks David, unfortunately we have twelve machines in this config, its not so easy change all GPUs !
  2. I have experienced problems to send 4 outputs 4k@30Hz . The computer recognize the 4 outputs , but when i start a watchdog the screen remains in black and the ip and logo don't appear! I set the producer preferences to 30HZ , to 29,97 ...... test all frequency rate. But when i use 3 outputs , all works fine , or even i use 4 outputs on 3200x1800@30hz too work fine! Has any limitation in WO to do 4 outputs? I've experienced the same trouble in WO 5.5.2. The system is running with FirePro W8100 , I7 5930X and Intel 750 series PCI SSD .
  3. Helo , i experienced the same trouble on 7 diferent machines, where all machines has the same hardware: i7 3930k , Asus sabertooth X79 , 32GB memory corsair 1866Mhz , SSD Adata ,VGA ATI HD6990, Power Supply Corsair TX850M, 01 Vision RGB E2S, 02 Blackmagic intensity pro , 01 Blackmagic Decklink Duo, OS: Win 7 64 bit. But one thing is very curiously , the horizontal stripes just apear when more of 3 outputs are in use, and when i turn on the deinterlace the problem stops , but the image of capture is not fine, in video motion ok , but in smaller letters on Powerpoint the result is ver
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