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  1. We've changed from home built servers to the new WatchMax Servers and noticed we can't use our Peavey USB audio adapters. 1/8" audio connections out of the Sound cards work fine, but even the cheaper USB adapters seem to have less noise and better gain, and less tendency for ground hum. I'm guessing the OS on the WatchMax doesn't have the USB drivers for the Peavey USB audio Adapter. Is there a recommended USB audio driver? The Peavey seems to use a generic driver and shows up as DAC. Thanks, Bob
  2. After reading the earlier posts: When using multichannel output devices such as the Echo AudioFire12 and RME Fireface UC are you able to assign different Watchout Layers to seperate channels of audio outputs? Or is there a way to specify which tracks will come out certain outputs? I'm looking to output 2 channels of music, 2 channels of voice, 2 effects channels, a Click track, and a Timecode track (for other gear to follow along). Of course we want it synced with a video track. We want the seperate tracks so that our audio guy can adjust the mix live as needed. We are currently trying to set this up as a video encoded with 7.1 surround sound. We've got a 7.1 .wav file that works (we are trying to make a video file that works the same - any suggestions?). The trick to get the 7.1 to work was that both controller machine and output machine had to have 7.1 cards that were set to 7.1 plus something plugged into the all the output jacks of both machines so windows would activate all outputs and allow 7.1 decoding. Obviously this uses the onboard analog card and isn't the best sound quality or gain. I'm hoping there's a better way to do it with, especially if we have to edit any of the audio tracks... We have considered an external audio player with 8 channels of output or an HD video player with 16ch of embedded audio, but we really don't want to rely on slaved equipment especially if it has to synce with a video (we want it all to crash at the same time So we're open to suggestions to multitrack cards that are assignable in Watchout, or reliable ways for Watchout to play 7.1 Surround sound Video with all channels output seperatly. Thanks!
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