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  1. Hi,


    I ran a quick test and first of all, thank you very much for the output image on geometry correction. This will save many hours :)!

    And there is also a little bug, the output image on the geometry correction window sometimes loses parts of the image (edge or edges appear black)



  2. Hi all,


    I can now confirm that the shutter and lamp control worked as charm with the Flexes. And the Thomas quidelines made possible to change the PIP window source. But the PIP must be enabled first.. Many thanks for you guys for the help.


    But as activation of the PIP window - it seems to me that i have to activate layout configuration and it has a name as a Cstring. The manual has the string syntax on page 10

    do i understand correctly - if my layout name is "custom_1" the Cstring syntax would be : ’c’ ’u’ ’s’ ’t’ ’o’ ’m’ ’_’ ’1’ $00


    the manual for setting the layout is on page 112-113 - ill try to make something out, maybe someone can check my syntax


    and the command should be something like this:


    $fe$00$20$90’c’ ’u’ ’s’ ’t’ ’o’ ’m’ ’_’ ’1’ $00$??$ff


    $fe is the Barco start byte as specified by Barco
    $00 is the Device Address
    $20 set adj
    $90 adj layout
    ’c’ ’u’ ’s’ ’t’ ’o’ ’m’ ’_’ ’1’ $00 layout file name as C-string
    $??/checksum calculation missing/
    $ff End Byte Barco
    Am I in the correct path?
    with great gratitude for all of you
  3. Hi all,


    First of all, sorry for the topic but i really am in a bit of trouble.


    Since i have no coding experience, I dont know where to start when I need to activate PIP function on a Barco HDX-W20 FLEX projector.


    I have to activate PIPs on 4 projectors simultaneously, as i know the Watchout so it should be the tool for that.


    I have gone through the barco protocol manual, but as i mentioned, no coding experience and that doesnt get me far.

    Any clues where to start are appreciated.


    with regards 



  4. Hi all


    Im having this strange problem startin 5.3.1


    i use my Macbook Pro as a production computer with XP on Parallels, so far everything was supergood but starting with 5.3.1 im having somekind of network error and after going online, production loses connection with display.


    using WIN8 laptop no such problem.


    Anyone can confirm the same kind of problem?

  5. Thank you all for the expertise input on this matter.

    I've removed the raid from the system and will continue with 2 ssd-s only.


    to be honest - this incident made me even stronger believer in Watchout - its hard to believe that after this kind of hardware error - still the captures worked and we got out of it without any big problems..

  6. Hi all


    Here's what happens when the disk (or a disk array in my case), where the Watchout 5.3 is installed, disappears from the operating system during the Watchout Show.


    I had a 3 projector edge blend 3:1 widescreen image with a h.264 mp4 looping in the background and 2 captures, 1 DVI 1080p50 through Datapath VisionRGB-E2S and SDI 720p50 through Blackmagic Decklink extreme 3d


    one moment the background loop jumps to edge of the screen, and both of the captures freezed for a second, and then the captures continued to work. I had set midi controller for the opacity of both captures and the real time control continued to work. Luckily, main content for the screen was the captures (Live and PPT) so the show was not interrupted.


    during the break, I shut down the display software and discovered that the raid, where WO was installed had disappeared from OS. after the restart the disk array was back, I quickly uninstalled WO form the raid and reinstalled it to OS system disk. My show was fairly simple, so it run fine from OS disk.


    It seems that the problem was caused by the Marvell Raid controller on the ASUS P9X79 WS motherboard. since i had 2 OCZ Agility 3 in raid 0 setup, the disks must be fine. After the restart the array was back online.


    I had just reinstalled whole system (because one of the outputs from the HD7970-DC2T-3GD5 video card started showing only black and white picture), with all the latest updates to all the drivers and motherboard Bios.


    Any similar experiences or ideas for avoiding such problems?

  7. Hi,


    I had a really embarrasing situation where i had promised my client that I'll produce round shaped live spots on a 6 projector panorama. Since I carried out the testing in my office with limited posiibilities, I didnt find out that the masked image must touch display 1 (somehow i tested 2 spots that were working)


    Otherwise i really love Watchout and its possibilities, but I have sugesstion that theese problems and bugs that are known to users and developers should be pinned to this forum. so that theese embarrasing situations could be avoided...



  8. Today I found some time to test this more thorughly and I got this working.

    I'm using ASUS P9X79 WS motherboard and first the Card was installed into X16 PCI-E lane (Blue x8 x16 speeds)

    First I installed the Card into another PC that is usually not used for WatchOut. Since the card worked there flawlessy and it only had x4 lanes, i inserted the Card into x4 lane (white) and reinstalled drivers, I downloaded them freshly today. I do not know what worked - are the drivers freshed or the card needs X4 lane to work, but it started working with no problems in WatchOut.

  9. Hi all


    I have freshly installed Watchout 5.2 and brand new VisionRGB-E2S capture card, with the newest drivers installed.

    The capture is perfect when checking it through the Vision Window software (included in Vision software) but when adding it as a live video cue to Watchout, there are strange problems with the picture:


    check this picture i made from the screen:




    there are horisontal stripes that appear when there is movement in picture, when the captured picture is still there are fewer horisontal stripes.


    Any ideas?




    uninstalling and reinstalling both vision software and Watchout did not help. Can anyone who uses VisionRGB-E2S capture card with Watchout, tell me what version of the Vision driver are they using succesfully?


    OS version - I tried both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7

    driver version of capture card was the latest on the website

    source of capture - DVI XGA @ 60Hz - tried two different sources


    edit pt2:


    issue persist with older version of Vision software (6.1.0) it is not that big but still is there,

    also with RGBHV XGA 60 and 75 Hz



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