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  1. Hi


    I am trying to sync MST outputs on a W7100 and a S400 card.  Only one output on the MST hub seems to be in sync with the other 3 w7100 main outputs. (gets the green check mark)


    Maybe this is not suported or maybe MST outputs are in sync but only first output gets the Green  check mark?


    Any ideas?




    Christian Croonquist

  2. Hi all


    In a recent install the mouse cursor is visable in the middle of one of the displays after rebooting the system.

    Sometimes it is the normal arrow cursor and sometimes it is the "spining ring"


    Any ideas?



    Win 7 home premium, Asus mb, intel hexacore, asus HD 6970, 16 Gb, WO 5.2 in cluster control via UDP commands



    Christian Croonquist

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