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  1. Dear fellow, I would like to configure WATCHOUT system for 11 or 12 display outputs. In case of configuring Display servers for 4 outputs each, there would have three Display servers and one Production server accordingly. But I also would like to have all four servers identical for the purpose of onsite convenience and of post sales support : all four WATCHPAX4 or all four WATCHMAX WX7100. And here are my Qs : Would a WATCHPAX4 or a WATCHMAX WX7100 also work good as a Production server as well as the dedicated Production PC or a custimozed WATCHOUT Production PC? Is WATCHPAX4 or WATCHMAX WX7100 supposed to work just as Display server? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hey, I have similarly experienced sync failure of 60fps video show on LED wall and also on projectors . You cannot recognize the sync failure In most case of slow motion of video show though, that does not mean the video show is going on perfectly synchronized. Once the show goes fast with such as X-Sports scene or funky video effects, it sometimes come recognizable on the lines of junction (of projection or LED cluster) I would say the disparity only matters of one or two frames at top among the 60frames however, once it comes recognizable, it would never be solved nor ignored by itself. Performance of all the computers run WATCHOUT above was quite good enough. After all attempts and struggle, I am now assuming that the sync over the WATCHOUT network cluster works better than the sync within a graphic card. I would try with two separate WATCHOUT computers and pull the video channel one from each.
  3. Hi, as noice of that Watchout can receive MIDI signal but cannot send it out, your plan to have Watchout only to receive and put Qlab to send it out sounds good to work. any type of USB-MIDI box would work good. Only if MIDI wiring should be long enough, you may consider to extend it via a pair of UTP extender like this : http://www.midilite.com/midilink.html
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