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  1. Hello Jonas, Thank you for your prompt response. I do have a couple more questions, if you don't mind. - To the best of your knowledge, is the S400 Sync Module a requisite for multiple outputs in this card configuration? - I presume that there is no known pairing between the FirePro V7900 SDI with a 3rd Party card that will allow SDI output directly from Watchout, as there is between the Quadro 6000 and it's SDI I/O card (though granted, progressive only, so not true SDI). Am I correct in saying this? - I performed a latency test, an admittedly simple one, using two identical
  2. Hello all, I recently received an ATI FirePro V7900 SDI for testing, and I haven't dug too deeply, save for some latency tests with Blackmagic Decklink cards (which actually showed marginal improvement around a half a frame). I was wondering if any of you had some time to play with this card, and perhaps found a pairing with a 3rd party SDI I/O that allows native SDI output? And if so, do you genlock the FirePro with the S400 sync module, or the 3rd party card, or both? The NVidia Quadro 6000 with SDI I/O supports this, but at $8000, it's not very cost effective (not to mention, the Watch
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