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  1. Hi, I got disconnected with the main display server in the middle of the show with the attached error suddenly. pls advise Also another problem is that I'm unable to update firmware of the Code Meter. The Key version is CmStick/C 2.04 ( This is not getting updates ) Thanks Regards Suril
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    1. Angelica Cederin

      Angelica Cederin

      Have you received the replies we have sent to your support ticket/tickets regarding this issue? Ticket DSD-296 and DSD-298. If not, please check so the answer has not ended up in your spam folder.

      If you check the event log in the Windows Event Viewer, do you see an error saying "the codemeter runtime server service terminated unexpectedly" with a time stamp a few minutes before the error message occuring in WATCHOUT?
      Please try to uninstall WATCHOUT, codemeter and then make a fresh install. If you get the same error a re-install of the OS may be necessary.

      Best Regards,

  3. Hi all, Would like to know which one is better for 6 output. I'm using ASUS hd 7970 but it is very bulky and sensitive. How about AMD Firepro W600. Does it have DirectX acceleration. It seems lighter and should I go for it instead of 7970. Thanks.
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