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  1. hi jonas/ i've same condition with tirymarq, i have 10 display wo 5.2, 1. wo with 2 output 1024x768 (working ok) 1. wo with 3 output 1024x768 (working ok) 1. wo with 3 output 1024x768 (working ok) 1. wo with 2 outpit 1024x768 (working ok), then suddenly wo logos apperas for a few second, so i pressed ctrl+d, i'm so lucky thats display go back to the timeline content. my videos is wmv and of course at the same bit rate and very small size (just MB). thanks /zmic
  2. hi jonas, thanks for your reply, thats mean..if i formatted my usb dongles..and empty it's..my licence keys will always work..isn't it??
  3. hi all... just wanna ask you something, why wo5 usb dongle has a 2gb storage data? i know this is good to placing your installer or demo guide, but remember the viruses will come and stay there... my question is...can i formatted that storage?? it's influence the securities system on your wibu key? thanks, zmic
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