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  1. so is there any API that can use to control production ?
  2. Hi, As the topic say, can i use WATCHMan api to control the production ? Regards, Andi
  3. hi, i facing quite strange bug about the remote again i use "Simple Remote" and "WATCHOUT Remote", when i type wrong ip address the app is sure cant connect, but i change to right ip it also cant connect, i need to close and open the app again and type the right ip address, if wrong which mean i need to close and open the app again. anyway to solve the error in the program ? thanks
  4. Hi, First Question : I connecting my production, display and dynamic image server together, i set 5 picture to play on my production after that i set offline for the production to make my remote connected, When i play it on my remote it got delay around 4-6 seconds from the server to the display. Any way to solve the delay problem ? Second Question : I go curious about the offline system On my Production i go play and when i go offline the display will be stop. but when I use remote control and i got disconnect the display keep playing. is this one kind of bug of watchout ? Regards, Andi
  5. thanks a lot mike, because i a bit confuse see the cues API, its a lot but when you say getControlCuesInfo i get to know how to use it thanks for the support if i got any question i will post here again. Thanks
  6. ok i got it. now i facing the problem how to get the cue list i confuse which function that i need to use to get the cue list. i can use the show list by use wo.ShowName. thanks
  7. i just curious because i got some remote app that can change the port number. which mean we can change the port number we wanted right ?
  8. hi, I manage to fix my problem already, but i still got one thing that make me confuse about. it is the port number, by default the port number on WATCHMan Address is 3039. which function that i need to use to change the port number ? Regards, Andi
  9. Hello, i just start to create flash WO remote based on "WATCHMan User's Guide" i started with "Basic Sample application" on "small Flash application" when i done with the design and action script i run it, and when i click load, my display change to "dataton watchout display" its like out of source. any solution for it ? do you guys know how to set the ip dynamic, i change the "new WATCHMan("192.168,0.49")" to new new WATCHMan(cAddress.text), it detect my ip, but it only for first time i run. Thanks, Andi
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