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  1. Witaj Piotr, Best idea is to split video for the parts Piotr moov.pl
  2. THX Jonas, Yes that we always do like that, but the question is where is maximum for now. When we split files, it Not always synchronised. Maybe synch with genlock/fremelock FirePro card can help? What do You think? Anyway Im wondering does anybody have any expirience with realy wide video files, and can give us some tips PM moov.pl
  3. Ok... I meant it worked ok in watchout with just one display output. Problem arose when we connected additional projectors and blended them together.
  4. Hi, Does any one have expirience with hi res h264 movies or animation? I already tried to test setup with four 1080p projectors with one seamless panorama. I need to use in my composition some high resoution video playback. for example 5500x1080 px or even 6834x1080px I would like to play that files with one machine with four outputs, I need playback to be perfectly synchronized. Right now it is very choppy and im wodering if it is becouse unoptimal encoding or it too much for my machine. The file plays fine on one screen without blending or scaling. our machine: i7 /
  5. Halo Nikolai, Thank You for sharing this, my oppinion is very similar, specialy BLUR and Corner Tween. I Like WO very much some improvements will make this tool much beter Piotr MOOV http://moov.pl
  6. Now we are using Radar Touch laser controller for one of our applications- It's work fine. I need some extra code betwen Watchout 5 and Radar Touch, so we do it in UNITY. We make also test with kinetct it works pretty good. On film below you can see how it works finaly it's public digital signage with 4K animation drived by watchout 5 and cotroled via laser. I will prepare more info about this soon. PM
  7. More than 5 years with WATCHOUT ... thousand instalation and event's and firs time on forum !

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