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  1. So, is the tracking input option only meant for blacktrax?
  2. Hi All, Has anyone been successful in getting screen position values from kinesys to watchout? Is the tracking input method available in v6.5 and above supporting kinesys also? All parameters requested in watchout is also available in Kinesys. But entered them all and found no success. Port number is 6061. Multicast IP is Any tips? Thanks in advance.
  3. You can use PIR Sensors(Passive Infrared Sensor). Program it on arduino and convert the inputs and output them as midi notes. You can sense from a maximum of 6 meters and trigger different timelines using PIR Sensors and arduino to midi. I have done some shows with similar requirements a couple of years back.
  4. I have been using osc for my shows. I use touch osc. Need to install an osc bridge on production PC. Can dynamically control almost every tween and play pause and stop timelines.
  5. I have tried connecting 3 devices with osc via midi bridge to control one show. But I dont think there is a limit. You can customize your controller with the osc editor and trigger it from an iPad or an android device.
  6. Thank you very much. The show was a success. I was able to run over 60 compositions in a single task with each of these compositions running 68 layers of images with scale and wipes tween animating them. It was totally flawless. Thanks once again.
  7. Hi all again, Just need a small clarification. I am doing a show with 88 white painted wooden tiles of 1m x 1m randomly spread around a 22m x 4.5m screen. I have 88 images that needs to be mapped on these tiles and animated with wipes. This cannot be pre-composited because the position of the tiles may vary. Hence I would like to know if it would be safe to have 88 layers with these images animating at the same time on one composition. And this composition needs to to play in a task with the content on the main screen. Also please let me know if any alternative methods could be
  8. Hi, This is Snaido Davis. I am currently working on a project where I have 2 or more presenters on stage at different locations who need to control the video content on screen without having to pass on their Ipads from hand to hand. Can a single show be controlled by multiple remote controls if the all have the same project loaded on them? Please advice. Thank you.
  9. Hi, Happy to Join all you experts on this forum. This is Snaido Davis. I am a little new to using Watchout. I would like to know about controlling a switcher controller (Barco Screenpro HD2 Controller) which is connected to a hub via CAT6 to which my watchout pcs are also connected. I have assigned the presets to say 6 buttons on my switcher controller. How do I call them or activate them from watchout? I presume that i should be adding a string output through TCP to the ip address of the switcher controller. Please advise me on the port number and the Data that I should pass to the sw
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