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  1. If I understand you need to use 4 SDI input on your project. Yes, it's possible. About of pc, can you use a recently PC with I7/I9, 16 GB Ram and I suggest wx7100 Graphic Card
  2. With Android you can use TCP UDP server, with this free software you have a lot of button to send TCP or UDP string to Watchut. you can start or pause in this mode, for exemple, some task.
  3. Hi, are you shure about video input signal? The driver are well installed? If you go to Device Setting it's all ok? no Yellow flag? Try to install AMCAP, with this simple program you can check the video signal into input vard. With Magewell card you don't do or set nothing, only the video input.
  4. Hi Jeff, I agree with DavidA about the AMD driver. A few days ago I was playing a display with drivers 2018q4 and the videos went to me in 1 second shots. I also had other problems with remote access viewing and when I moved the sliders of a midi keyboard the windows opened with slow motion. I have uninstalled the 2018q4 drivers and installed the 2017q4.1 and everything went perfectly fine
  5. Hi Rahul, I use Asus GL753V I7 7700 + Nvidia 1050ti + M.2 500Gb The reason to have a powerful computer is: If you need to convert a lot of video ( in HAP or other format ) you spend less time to convert
  6. I agree with Diego, He suggest a lot of very interestings feature. Specially about OSC, Midi Out, Dante, Hap converter and multilayer warping
  7. Hi Kai, Try to check if the color space is the same on 2 output ( should be RGB and not YUV ). I'm seeing the image and probably you don't have the correct colorspace. Eventually think to use edid emulator to fix it
  8. the best way in this case is to use TCP or UDP protocol. For exemple you can create in TASK Windows a new AUX timeline with the name 01 to start this AUX timeline you can only send this commane: run "01"\r to production ip port 3040. Can you test it with packetsender ( https://packetsender.com ) very important, remember to activate on production computer under preference > control, TCP or UDP or both
  9. Hi, if it is possible it would be useful to have the midi output command. Now I'm testing the Novation launchpad mini controller, nice, but if there was the midi output command you could also handle the buttons leds to keep an eye on what I'm doing.
  10. paolino

    MST Hubs

    Isn't possible! AMD Graphic card support maximun 6 display ( NVIDIA 4 ).
  11. Hi Lawrence, I normally use Lindy model 32106 or Extron EDID 101D. Paolino
  12. Hi, usually the problem can only have two motives, EDID or Display port adapter not active. 1) connect the output to a recent monitor or try to use EDID Emulator 2) you "MUST USE" DISPLAY PORT/DVI active adapter ( I use Sapphire 44000-02-40r ) Paolino
  13. Hi, What kind of hardware do you use? Computer or video? what is the resolutions? If you use video signal ( 720x576 ) you need to use SDI ( RG59 around 300 meters max ) or HD-SDI 1920x1080 50i ( Percon VK7 100 Mt. max) If you use computer signal 1024x768, 1280x720, 1920x1080 .... @60p you can use DVI to cat5 converter for short distance [ max 60/70 mt. with Extron 230 series and CAT6A S/FTP CABLE ( the cable quality is very important) ], but for best result you must use fiber optic converter.
  14. Thanks jfk, I have not mentioned voluntarily network because it's not so easy to create interfaces for sensor ( pir, proximity, infrared, hall etc. ) that communicate with the network. My idea is to create a GPIO interface that connects to the pc with a usb to uart ( or rs232 ), but into watchout I need to have " Add input ( or output ) " from COMx. or from UART.
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