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  1. Hi we are using NDI to capture a live camera stream from an iPhone to display as one element of a show. At times the stream freezes for long periods, we assume because of some momentary connection hiccup, and Watchout seems unable to refresh it. If we Update, however, the stream unfreezes immediately. Executing an Update in live show conditions is not a feasible option, as it requires operator interaction, and causes noticeable effects to other aspects of the show. How can we fix this feature so that Watchout is able to refresh the NDI stream on its own without a manual update? We ar
  2. Following up on this old thread - is there a way to do this yet? I am working on a project currently for which we would like to be able to freeze-frame live input
  3. Hi I am using Watchout for a show where we will be projecting on flat screens that can be moved around within the projector coverage area, and can also be rotated around their vertical axis. It seems that using 3D position and rotation on the video layers would be a great solution to this, but I am wondering how to set the perspective and vanishing point correctly to relate to the projector distance, lens angle, and vertical shift / offset? (vertical shift is set to 100% downward in our case) Is there any guidance on how to tie Watchout perspective and vanishing point correctly to these real
  4. Hi we are having a little trouble with this. We are able to set layer conditions successfully for all cases except one: When we try to turn off all layer conditions. We have tried sending 0 as the parameter to enableLayerCond, but the result is no change in the layer conditions state. For now, we are sending a parameter like 32 to turn on an unused layer condition and force the used conditions to off. Is there a parameter to send that will clear all layer conditions?
  5. Hi, I know Watchout handles h264 decoding natively, but I have been told this is not true for "AVC1" type files. It seems to be the case that Adobe Media Encoder now only encodes mp4 files as AVC1 . (Confirmed by checking codec details in VLC, which reports codec type H264-MPEG-4-AVC (part 10) (avc1) , and also in quicktime player, which reports codec type as "AVC Coding", rather than "H264") Is there indeed an issue with native support for AVC1 type H264 files in Watchout? If so, does anyone happen to know how to get current versions of Media Encoder to encode MP4 files with a
  6. thanks for both of those replies!
  7. Is there a way to get media thumbnails to appear for mp4 files in the media window? I can see them for mov and still image files, but most of the time we render to mp4 due to easier support for more file specs, and it is difficult to work without being able to see thumbnail previews. any advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks
  8. Hi, When rendering files with the h264 codec, does it matter whether they are Quicktime files (mov extension) or mp4 files (mp4 extension)? Will Watchout use its native multithreaded decoding methods in either case, or will this only be done if the extension is mp4? thanks
  9. We were having this problem just now, and we were able to fix it by uninstalling and then reinstalling quicktime
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