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  1. Watchout 6.2.1 12 output system (split between three machines) When I go to apply mask to a display I get an unhandled exemption and the show file gets corrupted. Re open saved show and start over. When I attempted to move a piece of media in the main time line Watchout starts reporting errors rapidly, object not found, tween not found and the like. No effect on show and going online and offline stops it. Any thoughts on what might be causing it?
  2. Sorry for the delayed response, I was able to get 4x4K out of the wx5100, 7100 and 9100 @60. Just needed to use better cables it seems. Went Display Port direct into our X80 and the 4K looked great. Thanks Miro
  3. Well I am off to the shop then to retest. I am running a modified version of Win10 using NTlite to strip out all the "fun stuff".
  4. In my testing with the WX9100 on Wndows 10, WO 6.1.6 will not even open with 4 4K monitors connected. 3 is okay which is the same for the WX7100 and 5100 cards. Do you know of a trick to achieve more then 3
  5. thanks David, shame its one of those low priority things for AMD, it would be great if they could fix that issue. Now that CPU and SSD tech has caught up we could actually use four and five 4K outs. Thanks
  6. Thanks, can you elaborate more on the AMD side of the issue, using other software the AMD card will output 6 4K streams, DirectX 9 makes sense as the bottle neck in the equation. Thanks
  7. Question for the group, where does the limitation on the number of 4K outputs originate. Is this a Windows 7/10, DirectX, or Watchout Limit. Using a new WX9100 I can get three 4K@60 stable under the current WO release on Windows 10. As soon as I add a forth output Watchout gets very unhappy. Any thoughts would be welcomed. Thanks
  8. Alex, I just started working on a hybrid MIDI/TCP controller for WO 5/6 with x-keys. Using Just Macros on windows. Maybe we can collaborate and come up with something useful!
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