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  1. I'm working with two WATCHPAX ver 1. Which want to be included on a network with other Watchout Displays and lighting control all in the 10.10.10.x domain. When I use my laptop (with parallels) I have no problem "changing" the IP to 10.10.10.x domain on each watchpax and connecting to them from the Virtual Machine Windows 7 Professional system. I have the mac side looking for DHCP (and it sees the "native" address of each of the watchpax) and on my windows side i have a static IP set at 10.10.10.x and it connects sees and connects to the newly set 10.10.10.x IP'S on each watchpax. Ad
  2. that's the kind of thing that would be really useful posted somewhere here.
  3. it's strange. I get a serial 'handshake' to the camera and it locks up from external control. When i send the serial commands through watchout no camera response... (sony 990). So i know it's talking it to it, but somehow it's not receiving the commands... I was hoping i can send the moxa a serial command directly (outside of watchout, say through terminal or something...) but i haven't figured out how to do that either.... M
  4. is there an instruction on how to setup watchout for these devices? I'm trying to use a moxa 5110 to send serial commands to a camera... I can see the moxa device on the network, but i'm not sure how to send the serial command from watchout through the moxa to the camera. Do you have any advice that you can share please?
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