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  1. Thanks. I had the manual already but got fooled by the word "cluster". We are looking at it now to make sure it does what we need.
  2. We will be setting up a multi display attraction and currently plan to use Watchout. We are in the "getting duck in a row stage" and a question has come up about remote control. Our display will be controlled by a custom "kiosk" style panel by users. We have the ability to do this kiosk in flash but would like the option of another language. So.... Instead of using the Flash API, is it possible to control via any application. I assuming I can just crack open the flash source files, decode what TCP information is being sent, duplicate it in another language and.... presto... TCP control via C++ ( or whatever)? .....or Am i making it too complicated? Maybe there is already a quick reference some where with all the "send this via TCP .. get this" commands? Terry
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