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  1. Hi, I'm running 6.6.4 on Win 10 Pro. All the tweaks are done. I'm capturing SDI at 1080i 50, into Black-magic Quad 2 cards. These SDI inputs are being chopped up in virtual displays for LED mapping. When I run the timelines that use this mapping, my display machines will sometimes drop off the network. The log files report the following: { "date" : "2021-01-24", "time" : "10:20:49:195", "severity" : "information", "message" : "WATCHPOINT stopped responding" }, Any ideas? thanks all.
  2. Hi all, I'm running WO systems on a Cisco 1Gb unmanaged switch. No problems at all. I'd like to introduce a NDI stream (not HX) at 3840 x 1080 @ 50. 1 x NDI source, being received on 2 x Production PCs, and 2 x Display PCs. Question 1: As I'm receiving it on 4 x PC's, does that mean I'm using 4 x the bandwidth? Question 2: It would be nice to monitor the network traffic, to see how much bandwidth I'm using up, but as it's an unmanaged switch, I'm not sure how. Any ideas? cheers guys.
  3. Myngus

    6.5 bug

    not sure if this is a 6.5 bug...... if i reboot production software (6.5), the project file i was working on doesn't open and the software crashes. I've repeated this multiple times. The latest autosave file works fine. anyone encountered this?
  4. Not specifically that problem, but always seem to have issues with these cards . I get green flashes when I attach them to Imagepros, or Lightware routers. w series was fine, but WX seems to be temperamental.
  5. tried putting the control cue into a comp, but it still resets all timelines, including the one it's played from. any more ideas? cheers.
  6. Hi all, I'd like to stop all timelines except for the one that I'm currently using. At the moment I have to add a stop cue for every timeline. I have hundreds of timelines, and it's quite cumbersome. Is there a way to use the RESET command ( together with another command to kill all timelines, except for a specified timeline (the one that sends the command)? Or is there an way to do this? cheers.
  7. Hi all, I am running V6.2.2 on Windows 7 Pro 64bit. Decklink Quad 2 Capture CArds. I'm capturing HDSDI as live inputs on aux timelines, and also NDI on aux timelines. When I try and put another aux timeline over the top of any of these live feeds, the live feeds stays on top. It does not go behind the latest timeline triggered. I've tried all manner of "always on top", "above edge blend", "task list order", etc... nothing seems to make a difference. I can cover the live feeds with content if it's in the same timeline as the the live feed, but not if it's in a different
  8. Hi, I have a decklink QUAD 2 (latest firmware), capturing 4 x 1080p@25hz. BM Media Express software sees all 4 signals fine. Watchout does not. ANy one got any ideas? Thanks.
  9. A panel like that would be a very good idea. I've been looking for these types of units for years now. I've always had to resort to using a control system as the main hub, for all messages coming in and going out. Last system I built was around the Ross Dashboard control software, which seemed to work very well. The hardware buttons were Elgato Streamdecks. These output messages to Matrix routers, Graphics Switchers, Watchout, etc, etc.... It'll take a bit of work, but this could work for you.
  10. I tried it and failed. could only get 2 channels. this was last year, before 6.2 came out, so it might be different now.
  11. sorry mate, should have explained my self better. When I go online for the 1st time, it takes time to transfer and cache. that's normal. but even if i make no changes, and go on line for a 2nd time, it still takes minimum of 12 seconds to update no changes. does it scan the whole file system regardless, even if i've made no changes?
  12. Hi, I'm using WO 6.2. I can transfer files on my network from drive to drive nice and fast. I can trigger my show without any issues. However, when I take WO online, or do an update it takes exactly 12 seconds for the display machines to respond. I have plenty of HDD space available on all display and production machines. Display machines are: Win7 64bit 12 core Xeon 10gig NICs Raided Flash Drives Network Switch is Netgear XS716T. Production Machine is similar spec. Anyone had this issue before? cheers James
  13. Hi, I'm using WO 6.2. I'm getting this error message when I look at properties for any video files in my show: setting error; Audio "error initialising device" There are no audio tracks in the video files. I've tried HAP and ProRes codecs... same issue. I've never seen this error before. Any ideas? thanks James
  14. Myngus

    MOTU 828

    Hi, need urgent help if possible. I have a MOTU 828Mk3, and a MOTU828x. Win7 64bit WO servers, on v6.1.6. the MOTU's play 8 channels for about 10 minutes then they both drop out and i have to reboot to get them back on line. has anyone had this before? happy to provide more specs if you think you can help.. cheers
  15. Hi RBeddig, do you mean you've been using 8 channels of Dante on Watchout servers, or some other type of server? I need to get 8 channels out of WO V6.1.4 and route it over Mediornet, so it would be very handy to have it on a network bus rather than 8 analog channels. any other suggestions would be appreciated! thanks
  16. I wouldn't do it. most of those programs will want to do all kinds of automatic updates and various other tasks in the background that could catch you out during a show. I speak from experience. cheers
  17. Feature Request: Would be awesome to have a "stop all timelines except last one played" CUE. this would be SO good.
  18. thanks BR. for the moment I've had to use multiple 2 channel units to get through the show. Is there any support for ASIO drivers in the near future?
  19. have you set output one as your timing master, and then outputs 2, 3 and 4 as timing clients?
  20. Hi, I'm trying to use a Tascam 16x08 USB audio interface, to get 3 channels output. It doesn't show up in WO display as individual channels. Only main left and right shows up as "speakers". I guessing the Tascam driver isn't developed properly to be able to use with Watchout. anyone had experience with these units? cheers.
  21. hi, can this be done yet? I'd like to delete tiers but can't see how to. cheers.
  22. Hi Jan, I am also trying to control the E2 from Watchout. Did you manage to figure it out? I'm not having much luck finding the correct syntax. I can control it with a telnet session using: PRESET -r 1 (this recalls preset 1) and PRESET -a 1 (this recalls preset 1 and auto transitions the preset to program). but can't get it working in WO. Any advice would be greatly appreciate. cheers
  23. does sound like network to me. is there anything unnecessary plugged in that you can remove from the network? change network cables?
  24. Myngus

    MST Hubs

    I've answered my own question by testing it. I can only get 6 displays, total. Doesn't matter if they are mirrored or extended. 6 seems to be the max. So if i'm mirroring, then I can only use 3 physical ports. cheers.
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