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  1. no, no difference at all for the show, I have different rigs from 1600 to 3200 which plays same show and everything looks the same.
  2. Hi, I was working with CAT7 180 meter and everything was flawless
  3. Had same issue, you need to keep input sources open all the time when mixing the videos, what I mean that don't start input source in time frame of video mixing, secondly 24 different videos even for your system from my opinion is too much, because you have only 16 threads on 8 cores on cpu, that mean when you mixing the videos including live input the system use 24 tasks across 16 threads plus 1-2 tasks for live input, so for live input you have at least one core, so for mixing videos you remains with 7 cores I have WO with 5930k cpu which have 6 cores 12 thread and msi 7970 graphics with
  4. Hi Guy, we had few time ago this card in Avenue and displayed 6 outputs to 6 XGA projectors, but very quickly I replaced it to MSI 7970 lightening if you play 6 video without effects and layers then its ok, but I had big problem when videos were layered, I mean when I was switching from dynamic background to another dynamic background I had big delay and stuttering. Call me and I will explain in more details. George
  5. We basically use WMV with 7500 bitrate, I found it most stable and smooth playback
  6. yes it will run smoothly here the sample of our company with exact same processor to 5 Full HD projectors
  7. hi maIPAU, so we using X20 with latest firmware 4.0.1 and spyder 300 with 3.5.10 our watchout is 5.2 on all computers, didn't find useful stuff for us in 5.5 so not updated yet. Graphic cards: almost on all PC's is Sapphire 6850 or 6870 Flex We almost never use EDID managers only of there is some issues with sync if more than 1 computer used. Hope the info provided will help you.
  8. I strongly suggest to convert the MOV files to WMV or MPEG-2 6 Full HD files in MOV format even with RAID SDI will show some small stuck issues on playback. WMV runs much smoother than MOV or MP4
  9. there is no issues at all, We using both spyder 300 and spyder x20 almost always with watchout and never saw any issues between them.
  10. I think the file is too big in its resolution, it will be better to split it as proxy
  11. best solution for me always was radmin 3
  12. Had that issue too on one of my PC's, solved by downgrading ATI video driver
  13. to download the app you need to access the page from windows 8 browser or chrome, or alternatively from store app itself, and there is Buy or Try button.
  14. Basically I can make almost the same for win7 but in win 7 you can't move 2 sliders together
  15. After 2 weeks I see no one is using it So project going to trash, sad but I expected it, it should be for iPad, iPhone and Android
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