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  1. Hi, 1. It would be great if it possible to change movie playback speed. And the best will be if this "parameter" we can add like tween which can be external controlled like the rest of tween parameters now. 2. Add internal variables, which value we can change like DMX outputs and using it to control tween parameters like input variables. Best regards,
  2. Hi, Midi is one way. I think the better one is use UDP or TCP/IP communication or remote Watchout application for iPhone/iPad. In main timeline (or rather in another task) you have to put cue points which stop timeline after every animation and wait for command "run" (see WATCHOUT User's guide p.253). If you want use remote slide changer but not a phone, well you can build something like that Using Raspberry Pi or some ARM kit. But maybe you will find something ready to use on the market. regards Sebastian
  3. Hi, I want try this same solution like you Stefan but with edge-blending. If I good understand to synchronized glasses and image you use sync signal from Panasonic, right? Is it necessary to use some kind of adapter to connect Panasonic sync signal to Volfoni synchronizer? Sebastian
  4. Hi everyone, At the beginning thanks you all for answer for my question. Walter, why I want separate curve for every blend? Firstly, I have object/project with already install projectors and screens. I don't know how many hours lamp projector worked to this day (they do not worked in blending mode), probably the difference are not so big, but they are. Secondly, I work like Daniel with Vista Spider too, and there is that possibility, and more - I use it. Finally, I'm rather a perfectionist and I like when every detail is refined :-] Regards, Sebastian
  5. Hi, I have to do blending with three projectors in next week. And I have question: Is it possible in WATCHOUT 5 use two or more independent soft edge blend curve? How can I do it? I found in properties only one curve. Do you know some trick? Or the only way is edge blending function build in projectors? Thanks for help, Sebastian
  6. Walter, I try used BM software to capture signal from any input and it works. But in Watchout it dosen't work. Jonas, thanks for your advice. I try HDMI setting which you wrote but it dosen't work any way. Now I want buy another capture card and I think about Datapath Vision SD4+1S. Is it good choice? Do you know is that card work properly with Watchout?
  7. Hi, I have capture card Blackmagic design Intensity Shuttle. This card has input: HDMI, Component, S-Video and Composite. Only working properly input is Composite but only with camera using PAL standard. When I connect to composite input signal from ROLAND V-800HD it stop working I have only black screen. I try many watchout setting and I still stay in the same point... Could you tell me how I should configure LiveVideo input in watchout and what I shoud check else. For example I connect 1080p signal (from ROLAND) to HDMI input. Thanks for any advise.
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