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  1. Hello everyone, I have a problem with small texts in the blending area. Is it possible to make an alpha media with a text and make this media file not affected by automatic blending? Thanks for your help
  2. Yes, Mutah, we tried and it didn't work. Finally we solve it by lowering the color properties to 24 bits instead of 32. Thanks for your answer. A greeting
  3. Hi guys, I have a problem with 4K capture. I have a WO6.5 I7 server, 16Gb DDR5, W10 LTSB, 512 SSDM2, WX7100. I use a magewell Procapute 4Kplus USB grabber. I capture a 4K60Hz signal, with the magewell capturer viewfinder it works perfectly, on the other hand when capturing it through WO setting the capture to the Digital 2060p 60hz video standard the image slows down. On the other hand, if I set the capture to WO at 1080p, inputting the same 4K60 signal, the image becomes much smoother. Does anyone know how to fix it? A greeting and thanks in advance.
  4. Can I play a 16 ch audio file in Watch Out 6 with only 1 player ? Which audio card do you recommend? Thank You in advance.
  5. anyone know any graphics card which works well with watch out with 6 outputs full hd. So far we have worked with Asus HD7970 3gb but i think no longer manufactured. Thanks
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