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  1. Thanks for your answers, but we´re going to do it without sending dmx from watchout.
  2. How do i set the subnet? Is it the same as the universe or how can i tell watchout?
  3. No, just one. I am using version 5.2. The Display-Computers (two of them) don´t send Artnet. Right? I am on the Artnet-Universe 0. Can you tell me which Subnet Watchout is using?
  4. What am i missing? I´m trying to send DMX over Artnet to an Luminex "Ethernet DMX4 MKII" Network Node. But the Node doesn´t forward any Data shown by an DMX-Testing Device. I made the configuration in the Preferences and created an DMX Output and put it into the timeline. Both Devices have the same Artnet Universe. So far so good. Theres an HP ProCurve Switch between Watchout and the Luminex Node. Watchout creates Artnet Packages, seen by a Network Sniffing Tool. Theres also a Luminex Software Control Tool installed on a laptop, witch shows me, that e.g. DMX Channel 2 gets the correct values i created in the timeline. But all the other 255 channels are also getting any values, shown by a weird blinking in the Software.... Any hints? Thanks for your help... Mip
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