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  1. I have some doubts about the chassi EYE 4806. Is there space enough to this graphic card ( HD7970 ) and a solution to have the water cooler since the water pipes are short ( Intell RTS2011LC ) ? I'm following the specs ( 23, may 12 ), however the chassi is different because we don't have the same available in Brazil, but i'm using another one pretty similar, the sizes and specs are the same and I had some problems with the space for video card and water cooler. An extended chassi is needed. Here is the chassi model I have with the same sizes of the EYE 4806. http://www.nilko
  2. Hi Jonas, Do you know why the Decklink Studio doesn't support multiple inputs since the card has this resource ? http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/decklink/
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