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  1. Thanks jfk, are there some more detailes informations available? Perhaps like next year? ? A lot of customers are asking for 10bit support nowadays.Would be nice to give them a better answer like: it's planned... Thanks again. marco
  2. Hey, I tried to find some informations about 10bit output with Watchout in the docs, but couldn't find something. Do you have experience with 10bit (sure, per color channel)? Does Watchout support 10bit output? Thanks, marco
  3. I bet, you are using not only active display port adapters. That's usually the source of these kind of problems. Make sure after changing the adaptation to active to reboot the machine.
  4. Hey, I am working curently with Windows 10. Could be a problem with the OS. No additional mouse software installed. Only as HID device.
  5. Hey hey, after my first work with WO6, I realized that some very important are not working as in version 5: Time ruler scrolling: Strg + Mousewheel Only works if mouse cursor is positioned at the bottom scrollbar of the timeline window. Timeline scrolling: Shift + Mousewheel Only works if mouse cursor is positioned at the bottom scrollbar of the timeline window. Double click to cue in stage window doesn't open media cue specifications. For me, these missing workflow tools are very disturbing, if I have to edit timelines in a short time. cheers, marco
  6. Hey hey... I was wondering, if someone is using a Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 USB interface. I created a 4 channel WAV file. But the channels are not separated when playing back in watchout. I can hear every track on all outputs. If I use the onboard Realtek audio interface, and plug in a headphone to the line out plug, I get 2 tracks on the left side and 2 tracks on the right side. By the way like mentioned in another thread: Audacity is not creating multichannel tracks that can be used in Watchout. Have to use channelshifter after creating the file to not get DirectShow errors in Watchout. Cheers, marco
  7. Hey, I'm running a Wathout 4.5.1 show with 5x Watchout4 license keys and 3x Watchout5 license keys. On one display with a v5 key. I get every hour the following messages: Runtime error: License Key Server not found Network error: Display computer: disappeared After this error all connected display don't react for about 40s to movements in the timeline on the production computer (the production computer has a Watchout 4 key). Any suggestions? Thanks! marco
  8. Hey, today I encountered some problems with WAV files. I have two display computers, both the same setup and the system is cloned. With the production computer, I can put some videos in the timeline and go online. All fine. All videos are syced to both display computers. But if I put a WAV file to the timeline and go online, the small red progress bar appears but with no progress. If I wait for a while the display computer disappears from the network. This is, because the Watchout display software crashes. I thougt it's a problem with the soundcard. It's a Realtek onboard chipset. Tomorrow I can try an USB device. Does anybody have had thos problem already? Or perhaps any advices from the community? Thanks. marco
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