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  1. It would help on usability if you deleted the text "Email Address" in the sign in box as it doesn't work and will lock your account for 15 mins after two failed attempts. Best regards Jesper
  2. Just for the Raspberry concerns I can assure that they are pretty stable. I have used them for a lot of applications and they never let me down so highly recommendable due to their versatile setup possibilites.
  3. It would be useful having a feature that enables quick export of all cue names with related timings within a selected track for sharing with moderators and presenters. The format should be a simple txt file so the content can be pasted in to a mail thus enabling WO to act as a master show book if all cues in the selected track contains cue words and other relevant information about progress of the event. It would be even better if all cues on the selected track are updating a local XML document with the active cue highlighted (or pushing the file to a public end point) so it can be p
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