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  1. I have downloaded 6.3.1 and audio keeps dropping off of the display server. Have disconnected from both a USB DI and internal audio card analog output. After running normally for hours it would suddenly drop audio. When I would VNC into the display machine the audio menu would be selected as none, then have to reselect device. Have never had a problem until 6.3.1. Machines are built by Show Sage. Windows 7, 32 GB Ram, Xenon, 16 GB Firepro W9100. Radial USB Pro DI. Is there a possible bug or maybe windows update I should do?
  2. I no longer see an icon to indicate location of audio file in the stage window.
  3. Was very excited to see WO6 had started supporting ProRes. Everything looked great the first time we used a ProRes file. But then I discovered a line of digital noise on the left side of some of the videos only on the display machine. It is not always consistent and I can't say when I noticed the problem it may or may not have been after an update. But it seems the updates since then have not fixed the issue. So I assume that the problem is unknown. The display machine was purchased from the US partner ShowSage in December of last year. Other than adding an ADAT audio card and installing u
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