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  1. Is HAP compatible with oldfer versions of Watchout? I'm running 5.5.1 and I cannot import an HAP file.
  2. A client of mine wants to layer an alpha channeled video onto another video that is labeled, "the background" video. Is this possible? I'm still running version 5
  3. @ Jonas... Jonas, what is a good baseline for a production machine only? Would you ever consider a laptop with quad core i7 and heavy on all other components? Thank you.
  4. Would anyone here ever consider a laptop as a production machine?
  5. Anyone out there available to help me with an audio question. I have 5.1 enabled in my 'Realtek' audio controls in the display machines control panel. I've tested the outputs and verified the audio. Now, my question is; how do you asscociate the proper display on my 4 head card to the proper audio output? These outputs are not numbered (instead they read - Side, Sub, Rear, Out etc...) I have v5 running ATI FirePro V7900. I have a WAV test file. However there arent ANY options in Watchouts GUI that allow me to direct what Audio file gets tied to what TRS output. I can drag the file to the scree
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