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  1. Hi - I always use HAP, and with excellent result. But I always render out from After Effects.Why? It gives me a better control of the end result. I still believe you can render out to HAP, directly from AE, but I forgot to renew my license ? so I can't check at the moment. Best regards Christian
  2. I used to have BM cards, but ever so often, they were unstabile. Couldn't find the reason, and no support from BM. I changed to Datapath capture cards, and they are super stabile. They are used in a TV studio, in a 24/7 News station, so they are really used to the max. I recommend a daily restart of the system. Only experienced one or two issues, during the last 2 years. I think that system stability comes before anything else. Just my 10 cents. Best regards Christian
  3. Could you share the script? I haven't experienced any issues during the update, and I'm using a lot of proxy material.
  4. Totally agree with Walter. Unless a very specific reason, I never use the Main Timeline. Tasks and compositions are your new best friends. Another trick is to use input variables on tweens. That means you can group a lot of layers, to the same controller, and move them around in whatever order you like. I've actually used a lot of AE action scripts to accomplish something similar to what you describe. An example is if you want to hide a video in a specific situation, I use this syntax, to fade it of A little bit like if-then-else: (VidWallNr >= 3 && VidWallNr < 4) - ((VidSelecte
  5. It sounds like you guys are the right to ask about protocols and syntax for PTZ cameras. I am looking for documentation, and some good programming examples to start up with. Can you recommend anything? You mention VISCA protocols, which is a new protocol to me. Best regards Christian
  6. Even though Apple stopped developing QT, it didn't mean that others stopped developing codecs for QT. I don't see QT disappearing anytime soon. It's so extremely well integrated in all sorts of workflows, apps etc. In my opinion the only really big issue is that some software requires 64bit only drivers. That's a big showstopper since it wasn't properly developed for 64bit, and the few beta versions I've come across have been removed. So all in all I will continue to use QT. /C
  7. From all I know, and I just upgraded recently with the same versions, it’s always a good idea to uninstall the old version. You really don’t gain anything from not doing it.
  8. I'm planning to do exactly that test. I have high hopes for NDI vs. SDI, and my recent test with NDI were very promising. So let's share our results, to compare.
  9. Thanks for the answer and suggestions. I already use the Datapath capture solution, and have tried the NDI with the beta WO. Both works great. I was just wondering if I did something wrong, since I couldn't get it to work. It was to save a HDSDI input for other purposes, a web host machine, and since there was a HTML option in the Dynamic Server. I'll definitely go with the NDI solution as son as it's ready. Pls hurry Dataton ;-)
  10. Or - use good old Kinect. There are some good demo projects in the WO cookbook, if I remember correctly.
  11. I'm very interested. You can always send a PM. Best regards Christian
  12. True, but if there's a background video, which is a part of the webpage, what to do then?? I can link something else, which might explain my case: http://tv-2-denmark.massrel.io/tv2-news-udvalgte/ But you might be right. I just had the understanding, that the Dynamic Image Server was able to show all content from any webpage. But then again, I might be wrong.
  13. I use a SOME data provider who also provide a visual HTML based animated presentation module. It al runs as a webpage on standard HTML protocols. I just realised that the Dynmic Image(DI) server doens't support mp4 video, or is it because it nedds a special encoding? I have an example here: https://gfx.tv2.dk/images//SPREDFAST_GFX/BG_LOOPS/SPREDFAST_TEST_1.mp4 Try and paste this link directly into the "Open URL" option on DI. My problem is that it has to be mp4 to work. I have tried to run it through most of the basic browsers, and ot runs fine. Any ideas why I can't get it to work wi
  14. Hi - I know it's an old thread, but does anyone have a show, with a working setup, or a mockup show, thay would like to share? I haven't been able to get it to work I would be really grateful. Best regards Christian
  15. I agree to Quim. Folders, in the same way as the media pool. I'm working with almost 200 tasks in my latest show, and yes, it need to be that way. Even more useful, working with tasks, if you introduce folders for tasks, an extra function giving each folder extra options, like stacking order etc. On the other hand - I really need the NDI option in an official release now
  16. I agree with Rainer. We use the Datapath cards as well, and especially because they are super reliable. Had BM cards for a very short period, but replaced them, because they failed on started up a lot of times. But - when that is said - at the same time, I'm building a new election show for a TV studio, and could really use an extra video input, next to the already installed Datapath cards, and the U-TAB does look good. Unfortunately I can't get it to work on the Watchmax machines we have, due to the embedded windows version, and the restrictions there. I'm going all in with NDI, when the new
  17. Well - U-TAP works great on my laptop. Our setup consist of Watchmax nodes, delivered by Dataton. That means it was installed with the embedded windows version, which means a lot of features are not available, eg. the Microsoft USB Video Class drivers. And I can't get it to install the missing drivers, for reasons I don't know. Any ideas what to do? Best regards Christian
  18. What about U-TAP from Aja? ( https://www.aja.com/media/pdfs/brochures/U-TAP_Brochure_WEB_EN.pdf )
  19. Question - you state that version 6.1.6 supports NDI. Is this the an early version of 6.2? Or did you rename it? Best regards Chris
  20. Totally agree. Being able to search for the media reference, from inside the Media browser, could really be helpful. Cheers
  21. A copy/paste feature, where you can paste a copied Task, where you place a mark. When you paste today, it always end up in the top, but if you have 200 Tasks, it's painstaking time consuming if you have to this over and over again. Another suggestion is folders in the Task section. Best regards Christian
  22. I agree. and also a compendium of input strings, regarding more advanced processes. I'm designing a huge new TV studio for a 24 hours news station, and at the moment I've achived to use string outputs to control almost all the graphic equipment. But what triggers what? In order to achieve the best timing between calling an effect in WO, and run a realtime graphic element, it matters what element is triggering what. It would also be nice if the compendium included all the combinations when triggering layer conditions with string inputs :-) Best regards Christian
  23. THANKS A BILLION It works like a charm now If you come to ISE this february, I'll buy you a big beer.
  24. Thanks for being available during Christmas. And sorry, to many years in the television industry TC means timcode, and I only mentioned it, to make it clear that I didn't trigger the command cue, on zero in timeline. After posting my question, I realized that using variables was not possible. I've changed the string now, but get an error saying "Failed delivering data". Is it possible to program everything in advance on a production machine, and exucute the strings, to see if it works? As i wrote, I've configured my string output to: to make it run as localhost. And the
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