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  1. Hi, I have 4 Watchpax that all have the same issue. I can access to them via NETWORK and get them online but as soon as I load medias (JPEG) it shows the progress bar but after a moment the message window pops up and give's and error. It's all basic stuff...am I missing something ? Seb
  2. And how will we know when the public beta version will be out ? Through a POST in the FORUM and and not on the Website ! I have to admit to be VERRY eager to try Thanks ! Seb
  3. Hey ! I've been having this issue sometimes and it's, bugging me a lot.... I'have a buch of cues, all Freerun and loop, when the timeline comes to a pause cue the media will stutter not all of them but the ones that do it do it all the times... I run a 1920x1080 MPEG CBR 25 mbps file. It's seams that it's related to pre-roll or something of that sort... I'have pretty much tried all that i could like playing with the preroll from automatique to a preset and it's will just "move the problem". But if I pause using SPACEBAR it never doe's it... In the past what solved my problem was that
  4. Hello Friends ! We had a computer crash after a good programming day and since we are unable to open the project. I take that the file is corrupt and the back up we have brings us back quite awhile... When updating is the .watch file located in the displays by any chance ? We are re-doing the changes and I asked the guys to keep a tighter backup but if anyone can help !!! I'm listening Seb
  5. We have a problem with WO 5.5. The main timeline will randomly pause for no reason. Just like if we would have pressed space bar. It comes and goes. We tested the show on another computer (sony bio with windows 8) and the problem is still there. We have used thoses computers for a few months now but just migrated to WO 5.5. As anybody experienced this ? Thanks Seb
  6. A few ideas: 1 - being able to add a trigger for the main timeline. An aux timeline can do it but can't be timecoded. 2 - in geometry it would be nice to have keyboard shortcuts. And also to select mulitiple points !!! 3 - being able to put a single computer online and not all of them all at once. So in show mode if have to go to a backup I can restart the main and put it oine when ready without having to online the whole fleat ! 4 - copy and past movie proposerties. Loop / free run / blending modes.... Or select multiples and do it at once. 5 - Assign medias in the timelin
  7. So to get back on this problem. We finally re-installed Windows and everything else to get it to point 0. Now the problem is fixed ! Seb
  8. This feels almost like Christmas !!! - To be able to do a grid type of image correction... Like a 4x4 or 6x6 and manage the grid with proper keyboard shortcuts ! - This as been mentioned a couple of times but to be able to WARP using the keyboard only is becoming a MUST. It would be so nice to be able to move from point to point and move points or select rows ! Just like some of the projection warping tools offers... - I have been working a lot with tiers to be able to manage what MPEG will play in wich server and so far only a LAYER can be dedicated to a specific tier... Can this
  9. Note that this as also happens when copying two ctrl cues. So it was not while copying and pasting from two different shows.
  10. Ok so if I'm running a single show, would it be a RAM memory issue ? I just ran some tests after restarting to make sure that only one show was open end and it still is doing it. Maybe it as to do with another program messing with WO. I will keep checking ! Is there a list of the error codes that would help me narrow it down ?
  11. I have been getting an error message on a new DELL laptop that I use for production CPU. As soon as I do CTRL+C I get the following message. FAiled to get data from the clipboard (error -2147221940) openClipboard Failed)... I have been looking in the forum but now topics on this yet... Any ideas ! Seb
  12. So Mathieu, Have you been able to solve the problem ? We seam to be running in the same issue with our servers... I'm curious to know how the story ended ! Cheers Seb
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