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  1. I use 6GB SSD disc's. Just tried with a straigt Cat6 cable with same result. I tried several tweaks from different forums without any luck. I will look into that article Morgan shared and, see if I get any good suggestions. Otherwise I will try teaming 2 netcards, to hopefullyt achive the double speed. /Lars
  2. The transfer rate is measured between 2 computers. With only those 2 computers on the network. It is both measured with software and the old fashion stopwatch timing. Same result. If it was 25-30MB for each computer when all 5 is connected, it would make sense, but it's not.
  3. I have 5 display Watchout 5,5 computers on a gigabit network, all running windows 7 64 bit, and tweaked from the guide here at the forum. The switch is a Netgear Prosafe JGS516, and the computers have Cat 7+ cables for connection. (overkill I know) When I upload files, I only get transfer rates on about 25-30MB per second. That is far from the 125MB the Gigabit network should provide. What is your experience from your systems? Is 30MB what we can expect? I have tried several other switches without any luck. So my next move is to try teaming 2 network adaptors and hopefully get twice the s
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