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  1. i have the same problem... i am doing a RSTP streaming with datavideo NVS 25 and i can see with VLC player, But in my case i I have an error in the message windows, its puts "runtime error; failed; network video "datavideo" of media list (when i have configurat like a UDP), if i put TCP it didnt do anythink and isn´t any error.
  2. Hello, I work with watchout 5.5.2, i like to control light directly with my watchout. I like to control a Robe Cyclone directly by artnet. I can sent de DMX channel but the situation of the robe does´t change before 3 seconds more or less, i dont understand this delay. If i send the dmx chanel with other software (qlc+) it works properly. And if i put a fade 0 to 100 in the time line, its dont work, it wait to dont recibe changes to do the last position. I need to configurate something in a watchout. I have conected a manager and one display. thanks and sorry about my english.
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