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  1. This maybe a simple solution but i have a project where i have a 2w x 3h 55" seamless wall. i want to play six individual 1080 videos at once, 1 on each monitor. then play one video that plays across all monitors. I was going to send a display output to each monitor 1:1 and build 6 1080 displays on the stage. Easy enough but my question comes in when i'm going to switch to playing a video across all screens. Since my overall resolution is 3840x3240 i'm wondering how i should create the video file for this. should I 1. just pre split the video into 6 1920x1080 videos 2. just make the video
  2. thank you very much guys i will look into your suggestions! im actually going to show sages watchout training course next week so im very excited about that. i do have some expierience with programming but im always looking to learn and hear from others about what they do with the program. thanks again!
  3. Hi i was wondering if anyone knew of any links or online tutorials that go over the most common things one would use photoshop and after effects for in conjunction with watchout. or if someone has any advice as to what i may want to learn to do with these programs to help make me more valuable on site as a watchout programmer. thanks for any advice
  4. I was just wondering if anyone has some general h.264 encoding guide lines that i could use as a starting point for uhd/4k video files for playback in wathcout. thanks in advance
  5. thanks mike, i did reach out to show sage this morning still same issue. i havent tried to send out to a display because there may need to be some one site edits and if we cant see the video on the stg its a mute point to try to use pro res. i have tried several different pro res files all the same result.
  6. I am just doing some testing because i have a client who wants to use pro res 422 for a gig. he sent me a short clip to test 1min/1.5gig file. when i bring it into watchout the video imports but shows as green frame in the 1920x1080 display i have on the stage. when i click play i hear the audio but no video. anyone have any ideas? thanks in advance
  7. Here's my gear 3- m91p Lenovo pc small form factors 1- grand ma small lighting board I am using the Ndf timecode file provided on the wo 5 key flash drive to send tc To a small grand ma light board for cues. I have 3 display pc's 1 is sending video out over dvi to 2 christie hd10k-m projectors 2- are sending out video over hdmi output to two groups of led monitors playing the same video file And they need to have audio play back with video on the led screens. The client wants to have light cues to go along with video. I want to use the production pc to send the timecode audio to the light boar
  8. I can't figure out how to control a dimmer switch and its associated lights with Watchout, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I'm having trouble figuring out how to remotely control a Production Computer (PC) from another computer (OC) using TCP/IP. I've read appendix D, and understand the syntax, what I don't get is how to send the command from the OC to the PC. I have the OC on the same subnet as the PC and can ping it, I just don't know how to deliver the command. Thanks in advance.
  10. Having difficulty connecting wirelessly to Watchout computers using the Watchout Remote App for iPhone/iPad. I have two computers, wirelessly networked, IPs & 125. My iPhone is connected to the same wireless router and has IP (All DHCP assigned). When computer ..126 is run as the Production computer, ..125 is found and the presentation rolls along nicely. Tthe WO Remote App does not connect to ..125. I've tried several different things, including disengaging the production computer but have been unsuccessful. Any help would be appreciated.
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