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  1. The limitations that i meant was just about hardware, i miss a comma (to be stuck in dx9, and WO limitation) It's sad that we must use obsolete hardware because WO can't use a new OS with significant upgrading.
  2. Thanks jfk, too bad. Our customers start to ask us 4k and its so sad to be stuck in dx9 and WO limitation. We must hope that something can change in Dataton roadmap and they can update the software. Its not just for the graphics, but also we encount in trouble with Win7 system and the new hardware. Thanks and if someone could have more information to help us we will be grateful. L.
  3. Thanks for your reply Jonas! I was writing about the 2016 edition of the GPU, i just found that they show the new version few days ago. My doubt was, since that WO doesn't support multi-gpu (like SLI or Crossfire), this GPU could be treat like that from software or not?
  4. Hello everyone, as in title, someone has experience using the graphics card below? http://www.amd.com/en-us/products/graphics/desktop/radeon-pro-duo It will work with WO? Any advise will appreciate. L.
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