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  1. I am having an issue with Watchout v5.2 on a Windows XP service pack 3 machine. The Machines are all Pentium 4 3.2ghz with Radeon X800 video cards 128 meg of video memory and 4 gig of system memory. I am in 1024x768 resolution and am trying to playback h.264 video files at that same resolution. It is a theatre show that was done at a previous theatre with much newer hardware and it worked flawlessly, since the transfer to the new theatre on the above hardware the playback is having several issues with playback Some video files will start on the first frame and then not play for about 5 seconds or so, sometimes one machine will start playing the file back and the other machine will not, and when I attempt to crossfade from one playing video file to another one the video that was playing will stop playing as the crossfade happens. I think that the hardware I am trying to playback with isn’t up to the task but I am hoping you have some suggestions for me.
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