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  1. Hello Guys, I recently had a show: 2x Panasonic DZ 870 2x EDID manager (Gefen) 2x fiber 50m server i7 6core 16 mb ddr4 firepro w7100 datapath dvi capture deckink hdsdi capture show set up: videofiles within dataton capture macbook on datapath 720p60 During show suddenly my right projector got black for 2 or 3 sec and came back this happened 8 times. does anyone has an idea what could be related to this problem. i received my vid files 5min for show asked voor mpeg2 but received mp4 and mov Thanks, Mitch
  2. Thanks all. I think it wil be: Asus x99 pro I7 6core 2x 250gb samsumg Ssd W7100 And now just looking for 2133 or 3200 ddr4? Mitch
  3. Hi all, I am buidling a new rig. setup needs to run 4 outputs 2 layers background 2x capture Asus X99 A I5930K Firepro W7100 2x 250G SSD Samsung VISion E1S Decklink SDI i was wondering if there is a big difference between corsair ddr4 16 GB 2133 or 3200 speed? hope to hear from you guys. Mitch
  4. Hello Walter Thanks for the advice. I did a test with 6 outputs but without the 2 captures running at the same time. But the thing is i see a lot of new systems with new Vid cards and new codecs running so i was wondering if this rig still is stable enough. otherwise i will be going for a new i7 6 core and a firepro w8100 but if not needed i wil stay on this rig. I bought this system 3 years a go because of a corporate tour. and afterwards it stood still for a while. so i'm just curious whether i need to update my rig yes or no. thanks, mitch
  5. Hi ALex, thanks for your reply I run the side screens because there will also be introduction films in between speakers. where all 3 screens will be one decor. Mitch
  6. Hey All, I got a question about GPU/CPU coverage Right now i'm having a display computer with: I7 3770k Asus sybertooth z77 16gb ram 2x 120g ssd intel 1xasus hd7970 1x capture hdsdi decklink sdi 1x capture rgb datapath Right now i am searching the forum if i need to update my rack or not? will i be able to use this config for 4x 1920x1080 outputs, what will be my restrictions? i will have a congres set up with 2 duplicated screens and 1 12x4m screen dual blend HDXW20 projectors live capture from camera for the side screens and a laptop capture for the blended
  7. WOOWWWW thanks JFK kind of new to watchout. Mitch
  8. Hi All, It would be nice to have a marker function on the timeline. For example. when running an audio track press M whenever there needs to be a marker. this will make it much easier to put the media footage at the right place/audio spot. greets, MItch
  9. Hi Geogen, thanks for the reply. 1 question left: what do you prefer running 1920/1080 or 1280/720 to the projectors. and will the pre split be necessary for custom made video files. thanks, Mitch
  10. Hi all, I'm setting up a watchout system for a theatre tour. Components: Windows 7 64bit 16 gb ram I7 3770k Asus sabertooth z77 2x intel 520 ssd 120gb Hd7970 dc2t3gd5 Datapath rgb e1 Decklink SDI 2x. Panasonic dz770 Poduction: 1x hdsdi capture 720p50 1x macbook pro capture 1 main background graphic will be used and max 2 duplicate hdsdi captures 2 questions left 1- will my specs be capable of running a smooth wathout show 2- I'm looking for the best solution to connect 2 panasonic dz770 projectors on to my watchout display computer. It
  11. Hi all, thanks for the advice. i guess i will have to remove the intensity pro as well if i really want one driver to run? current setup i7 3770k sabertooth z77 8 gb ram hd7970 DC2 3gd5 intel 120 gb ssd corsair 750 intensity pro
  12. Hi All, just a simple question what are the main differences between sdi2 or deckline duo. I will have my first hdsdi capture show coming up in February. So i will be needing a capture card for HDSDI. hoping to hear from you guys. Thanks
  13. thanks for the reply Geogen I'm thinking of the next setup: MB: asus sabertooth x79 PROC: i7 3820k memory: 16GB SSD: 1x120 GB
  14. Hi, I am new to watchout and will be starting to use WO pretty soon in my Rental Company in Holland. I already made a mediaserver myself and was wondering what are the best upgrade suggestions. The situation for now will be: 2 outputs to 2 Barco CLM HD6 projectors. 1 capture hdmi for powerpoint 1 capture Composite Video My server contains: Motherboard: asrock x58 deluxe Processor: Intel core i7 950@ 3.07Ghz RAM: 8gb ram Graphic card: club3d radeon hd6870 eyefinity 6 with active adapters HD: 1x 250 GB 72200rpm suggestions: installing 2 intensity pro cards f
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