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  1. Hi Mathieu,Can you tell me what frame setting you have in watchout? What are your settings in the BM menu?
  2. Hi Richard,We use these cards. Can you tell me what version of 4 you are using?What kind of OS are you running?What driver did you used? (kernel?) (Have you tried the latest?)Send me a watchout file, with your settings. I can check it for you.grtz
  3. We have like the same machines... I must say that i prefer to work with the datapath capture cards. And the SSD is an excellent choice for WO racks that are 'frequent flyers' @Daniel, pm for codec and bitrates
  4. Programming Watchout mapping projection

  5. Hi, today i tried to install 1 RGB-PRO2 1 VIsionRGB-E2s 1 VisionSDI2 I tried many ways, but unfortunately without good results... Or Boths vision cards worked fine, or onlye the RGB-PRO2 card worked. I used the latest driver pack from their site: for the visionrgbpro2 card: v08.01.02 19.05.2011 24649KB for the DVI/SDI card v7.0.3 30.10.2012 56818KB I'll keep ya posted.
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