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  1. Playing 4x mp4, but the files and output is only 1024x768 We have tried two different AMD Radeon Pro cards, Can't remember the model numbers right now. ok, we'll try playing the audio on the production computer. Really annoying that there is no errors in the logs when it actually fails.
  2. Version 6.6.1 Video files are without audio. When the show fails both video and audio fails. We could try to play the audio on the production computer, but since video also fails I'm not sure it would make a difference?
  3. Additional info: Forgot to mention: when the fault occurs it can also be fixed by pause/play on the controller, no need to go offline/online.
  4. We have a project that has been converted from WO5 to WO6. It's playing mp4 video with 5.1 audio as a wav file. It has been working flawless on WO5 for 6 years, but on the new hardware and WO6 we are getting random faults that result in both the video and audio not playing. The fault sometimes corrects itself when the video is finished and the next video is played. When the fault happens the show is still online and there are no errors as far as I can tell. Going offline and back online fixes the problem. We are getting an audio error in messages on the controller PC every ti
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