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  1. Hi All We at our company have just purchased a x20 spider to run in conjunction with our Watchout on a lot of our bigger conferences. And I was wondering if those of you who operate both systems have any tips advice or hacks that I could look at in running these two systems simultaneously. Also I'd like to ask those of you, who run both systems how you have physically configured the systems and what does your workflow looks like. Thanks sean
  2. Hi all, what is the best protocol at the moment when it comes to re-imaging your watchout PCs. Should I look at using a something like Acronis or the internal windows software. And why is that your preferred system to manage this process. & how often do you do this and what are the challenges you have. Regards sean
  3. Hi all, I have an interesting scenario happening on our washout racks. I have a show setup and running that is on a loop. Whenever I exit the production machine. i.e. quit watch out production software or if I even disconnect the display monitor from the production machine and the size of the watchout production software window changes my show stops playing. It still online and as soon as I click on play it started running again. Is this normal, something I have not seen before. Or do I have a bigger problem that I need to deal with. Thank You. Sean
  4. Hi Matt, Thank you for your reply. I didn't think of using the midi controller to run the production machines. That is probably the easiest and quickest solution especially considering sometimes we have ready tight turn around times. Thanks Sean.
  5. Hi jonas, Thanks for your your reply and very simple and practical answer to my question. Just further the discussion if I wanted to control the production machines and keep them in step with each other, and have the production machine drive its own display machine. How do you think it would be best to go about doing that. Thanks Sean.
  6. HI All, Is it possible to recover a show from the show cache. I Have been working on WO show running windows 7 in a VMware on my mac over the weakened. I had my WO show file and all my media on a USB as we were going to transfer the show to our production PC to day. And i opened up the show on the USB only to find all the work i did last night is missing. Do I have to start over or can I recover it ?
  7. Hi all, I need a little help in figuring out how to simultaneously run my primary production machine and simultaneously trigger backup production machines. We run 2 x Watchout server racks each consisting of two display and two production machines. So that in one rack you will have your primary production & display with a backup display and production. In total there are 4 x production and 4 x display pieces. Occasionally on our much bigger events I would need to run both racks due to the number of output required. How do I sync the multiple production pc either by inse
  8. Hi Jacquie, Thank you so much for the post but I wanted to ask you if you would be running this course next year in conjunction with ISE 2014. As I would love to come up and do the training but also take advantage of attending ISE. Thank you Sean. ( South Africa )
  9. Hi all, I'm very new to this forum and have a slight problem with Watchout. I am currently running Watchout 5.3.1. The problem then I'm experiencing is on my 4 head output graphics card. The HDMI output is out putting green instead of black. When my display machine start's up I am get the Watchout five logo all the correct colours. but as soon as I go live and the show loads all of the areas of the image that should be black become green and this includes if I am sending an all black image. Many thanks Sean.
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