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  1. I am useing this: https://www.epson.co.uk/products/projectors/home-cinema/eh-tw7200-with-hc-lamp-warranty
  2. We are going to buy 5 new projectors mounted vertically with edge blending. How do WatchOuts 3D functionality working with 3D-projektors?
  3. In a exhibition we are going to use several small projectors for making living water og other small discrete effects. In ISE 2015 I recall Dataton used some small projectors that that maybe might meet our needs. ​I have not much space to use for this projectors, so they have to be small. Which projectors are best to use for my purpose?
  4. Thanks! Can I use Win 10 on the production PC?
  5. Is Watchout 5.x and Windows 10 compatible?
  6. Thanks! Is WatchMax overkill? I have the WO-License. If I use a ordinary computer, is there any limit in WO Software?
  7. I want to make a show in 4K for TV in UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels). What kind of configiuration (player and graphic card) do I need?
  8. I am using WO 5.1, and miss the complete New Feature List from version 5.2. Is it somewhere?
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