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  1. Hi Ivan, You should be able to work with an external USB sound card and Watchpax, although is not a matter strait forward to achieve as long as you'll need to access to the embedded Windows to install any driver. Contact your Dataton dealer or support to try this. I recently used a Watchpax with an ESI Gigaport HD+ sound card and worked quite good. By other hand, if you're thinking in using a Watchpax as a sound server, maybe is not the better choice. Kind Regards Sergi
  2. Hi All, There's any way to adjust the audio output level on Watchpax. Are they by default already set up? May they have differences between them? I'm playing 3 stereo files (one for each watchpax) to Play a "multichannel" soundtrack, and I can listen to one of the watchpax output at lower level than the rest. Any tips appreciated. Cheers Sergi
  3. Hi All, I've been working with Watchnet Server and an iPad with very good results. However, I'm seeing at the server's log a few errors. First one is when powering up the system in the morning: (DATE/TIME) ERROR Worker task/Cluster/HoP/GetTimelines/2 IllegalState Cluster not ready Error in STARTUP Normally the log is showing this message albeit the 4 WatchPax in use are awake for long time ago. Also, as I'm using the same PC for both Watchmaker and WatchNet (one license) and running one of the applications at a time, server's log sometimes shows the following: (DATE/TIME) ERROR Worker WATCHPOINT/DMP_01.HoP Exception Connection error, An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. I know is not ideal to handle both applications under the same license/computer but have no other choice at the moment. The 4 Watchpax are working with fixed IP address, and only one of them has the autostart script that way: authenticate 1 setLogoString "loading" delay 5000 load "HoP" wait This normally works fine but when changing from WO to WN it struggles a bit (even relaunching Watchpoint), is that normal?? By other hand, I'd like to know if WatchNet can receive any external command to i.e. send iPad panel to page "1" or "kill" all the timelines in case of a fire alarm has been activated. Is there any extended manual, tips, tricks or treats for the WatchNet application? Thank you Kind Regards Sergi Jover
  4. Aside from type of media or projector´s lamps issues this sounds like EDID problems. I believe Lighware TPS extender is EDID transparent so this relies on the projector to store any EDID input data. By other side, check the projectors´ native resolution and stage displays are the same resolution (just checking). But anyway, try to add some EDID minder (Gefen, Extron, Parrot, etc) they use to avoid this kind of "Unexpected Display Configuration" message. Also check cables are not at any point failing.
  5. I've experienced some issues with Moxa serial converters as they lock the socket connection once this is inactive for a period of time. Then you need to restart the Moxa power in order to wake it up. Again, always TCP is a saver connection albeit is not the solution to avoid Moxa to lock up connections. Regards. Sergi
  6. Hi Dataton Team, I'm playing a bit with the new Watchpax 2 and am quiet surprised how good it is, transparent, plug and play, sewing and singing... (well, actually I didn't have any doubt about). The only one thing I'm missing is the possibility to feed the power through PoE, which would avoid the necessity of any extra power socket in complex or unavailable situations. Also I'm missing the Triacs but I know those are not needed anymare ;-) Cheers
  7. Hi Basil, I give you some tips with regards to each point: 1- the sphere diameter is 3 M 2- the projection distance from the sphere is open 3- we have 4 Christie projectors 20K S+with twist card available 4- lenses available 1.5-2:1 and 2.8-4.3:1 5- WO 5.51 Ok, take a look to the projection central site and use their calculator to consider the dimensions and distances for each lenses http://www.projectorcentral.com what I am looking for: 1- what would be the projection size You are subjected to the 3 meter spherical diameter, so keep in mind you have to fill up 3 meters in height for each projector, and then calculate (depending on the aspect ratio you're gonna use) the usable width in Watchout. 2- How many projectors we need for this project 4 is ok. 3- Projectors distance from the sphere according to the lenses we have Again, http://www.projectorcentral.com 4- what would be the way to do the edge blending on the sphere surface I cant't give you a link, but the Dataton guys I'm sure they have an already made example program. 5-any other information or details we need to know!! Take a look to the www.showsage.com site, they use to have a very nice links and examples. In fact, There's a hard work to do then with the media content and would be hard to explain, but maybe there are some examples on how to carry on this job. My best wishes. Sergi jover thanks Basil
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